South Australia
Leaney, Lillian Pearl  (1908-1948)
Taylor, Alice Amy  (1877-1878)
Taylor, Gertrude Mary  (1883-1970)
Taylor, William Charles  (1885-1966)
Wilson, Stella Florence  (about 1919-1971)
res of Mrs Samuel Pearce
Leslies Creek
Light Bridge
the residence of George Hotspur Murray
Lincoln Fields
the residence of Arundel Waters
Loveridge, Emily Louisa  (about 1878-1948)
Waters, Frederick Allen  (about 1883-1945)
Linden Park
Greenhill Road
Mitchell, Samuel Fred  (1885-1965)
Lipson Cemetery
Drage, Raymond Edward  (1939-1978)
Provis, Ella May  (1889-1966)
Little Para district
Starr, Ann  (after 1827-)
Starr, Catherine  (about 1795-1864)
Starr, Ellen  (about 1839-1906)
Starr, Francis Paul  (about 1832-1909)
Starr, Jane  (between 1821 and 1823-1893)
Starr, Peter  (about 1802-1879)
Little Spring Creek
Brandon, Pearl Eliza  (1908-1996)
St Faith's Church
Brandon, Ashford Samuel  (1888-1978)
Veaitch, Ethel Maud  (about 1880-1957)
Little Swamp
Harris, Emily Honorah  (1870-1947)
McEvoy, Merle Marie  (1922-2008)
McEvoy, Oma Olive  (1924-2008)
Bolto, Daisy Adelaide  (1888-1974)
Wyld, Arthur Alexander  (1889-1971)
Wyld, Arthur Edward  (1922-2013)
Mason, Elwyn James  (1919-1997)
Mason, Robert Ian  (1945-2012)
Paddick, Ella May  (1907-1942)
Lobethal District Hospital
Mason, Robert Ian  (1945-2012)
Hurrell, Renfred Rowan  (1907-1973)
Searle, Mark John  (1956-1968)
Lock Cemetery
Searle, Mark John  (1956-1968)
Searle, Thora Elizabeth  (1922-1956)
on Henley Beach Road
Loftia Park
Fairlie, Ronald Keith  (1923-1939)
Long Plain
Young, Clifton Eric  (1902-1967)
Hayley, William Edwin  (1908-1996)
Lower Light
Campbell, Mary Farina  (about 1895-1978)
McEvoy, Irene Alice  (1915-2009)
North, Olive Lydia  (1891-1969)
Lower Magill
Lower Mitcham
Rynne, John Bernard  (1888-1964)
Tremain, Evelyn  (1914-1994)
Lower North Adelaide
82 Melbourne Street
North, George Henry  (1861-1926)
Catholic Presbytery
Freer, Ida Ethel  (1901-1989)
North, Herbert Austin  (1892-1983)
St Mary's Catholic Church
the residence of Samuel Dodderidge
Doddridge, Blanche Myrtle  (1884-1975)
Phillips, Ernest  (1883-1969)
Allen, James  (about 1916-1916)
Gregory, Florence Selena  (1881-1937)
Magnus, James Oliver  (1920-1989)
Magnus, Thelma Lavina  (1921-1924)
McEwen, Kevin Maurice  (1922-2003)
Talbot, Ashley Scott  (about 1973-2004)
Veale, Constance Doreen  (1923-2005)
Wheaton, Gavin Lisle  (1925-2009)
Wheaton, Noel Kendall  (1926-)
Woon, Milton Thomas  (1921-2008)
Anderson Road
Batup, Alice May  (about 1909-1998)
Concordia Lutheran Church
Congregational Church
Loxton Cemetery
Loxton Hospital
Cloonan, Thedy  (about 1887-1927)
Weaver, Hilda  (1892-1979)
Loxton Hut
Drabsch, Alfred Felix  (1908-2003)
St Andrew Church
Cleland, Charles Alexander  (1865-1927)
Disher, John Ralph  (1855-1926)
Dutton, Annie Maria  (1861-1887)
Dutton, Ethel Mary  (1867-1927)
Lyndhurst Siding
Lyndoch Valley