Most of this data has been sourced from death certificates and military records and will be added to as time permits

Places are in South Australia unless otherwise stated

Surname First name Maiden Year Age Place Cause of death
Aiken Catherine Thirza Wood 1917 64 Booleroo Centre lobar pneumonia, heart failure
Alchin Albert   1861 0 Clare infant death
Alchin Annie Margaret Talbot 1938 72 Jamestown myocardial failure
Alchin Anthony   1876 42 Aberdeen heart failure
Alchin Charlotte   1882 23 Hallett peritonitis and childbirth. The baby also died
Alchin Elizabeth   1939 0 Jamestown congenital heart disease - premature
Alchin Elsie   1942 0 Jamestown prematurity (about 7 mths gestation)
Alchin Laurence John   1930 1 Jamestown burns, scalds and shock, 2 days after being accidentally burned
Alchin Ronda Joyce   1929 0 Jamestown lobar pneumonia, 9 days
Allen Henry Fitzgerald   1892 50 South Melbourne, Vic Bright's Disease and endocarditis
Aspenwall Isaac Fulham   1880 57 Brighton, England choleraic diarrhea
Aspenwall Mary Ann Davis Lockwood 1899 76 Brighton, England old age, general exhaustion
Barrass Elliott James   1921 49 Wilmington cardiac disease, acute stricture
Batup Frederick John   1939 51 Adelaide uraemia, chronic nephritis & hypertension
Bawden Lucy   1881 2 Riverton whooping cough
Bawden Lucy Hutchins 1883 33 Riverton pneumonia
Bawden Maria Arthur 1902 98 St Thomas, Devon, UK pneumonia
Bawden Ursula Myrtle   1909 0 Solomontown infantile diarrhea
Bennett William Thomas   1916 18   aboard SS Adriatic, sailed Newport heading Marseilles, never seen again
Bevan Ethel May   1883 0 Wallaroo mucoenteritis and convulsions 1 week
Bevan Hannah Powell 1889 60 Wallaroo senile decay
Bevan John   1901 44 Wallaroo diarrhea and parotitis
Bevan John William   1889 5 Wallaroo tubercular meningitis
Bevan Margaret   1897 38 Wallaroo epilepsy and acute intestinal catarrh
Bevan Miranda Lockwood 1889 33 Wallaroo tuberculosis
Bevan Moses   1911 81 Wallaroo senile decay
Blacksell Alice Holly Vickers 1961 70 Royston Park carcinoma of the head of the pancreas
Blieschke Adolph Herman   1961 95 Booleroo Centre pneumonia
Blight Jane Elizabeth Talbot 1942 87 Terowie chronic nephritis and senility
Bosworth Douglas   1887 2d Wintabatinga convulsions
Bosworth Hannah Hillegeist 1919 69 Goodwood carcinoma of the stomach
Bosworth Hannah   1869 2w Wintabatinga ill from birth; no medical certificate
Bradock Edwin   1923 83 Crystal Brook weakness and exposure to the sun
Bradock Minna Hillegeist 1893 47 Crystal Brook heart disease
Brandon Amelia Vosper 1916 94 Wilmington old age
Brandon Cecil   1904 0 Wilmington acute congestion of the lungs
Brandon Charles John   1856 1 near Angason dysentry
Brandon Charles Thomas   1946 76 Pinda cerebral haemorrhage and hypertension
Brandon Emma   1863 0 Melrose whooping cough
Brandon Ethel Maud Veaitch 1957 77 Booleroo Centre carcinomatosis following carcinoma of the cervix
Brandon Fanny Norley 1931 71 Wilmington myocardial degeneration, senility, heart failure
Brandon Henry   1912 60 Wilmington cancer of the stomach
Brandon Herbert   1878 14 Wilmington "unknown causes"
Brandon Lawrence Oliver   1963 43 Woodville staphylococcal enteritis, congenital mental defeciency & epilepsy
Brandon Samuel Herbert   1931 78 Wilmington (1) senility (2) heart failure (3) terminal pneumonia
Brandon Thomas   1901 85 Wilmington senile decay
Brandon Vosper Victor V.   1958 61 Norwood myocarditis, 5 years and a sudden coronary occlusion
Britten Alfred   1893 5m Mount Benson gastrointestinal catarrh complicated with teething, convulsions
Britten James   1893 2 Mount Benson gastrointestinal catarrh complicated with teething, convulsions
Britten Thomas Stanley   1904 3d Williamstown obstruction of the bowel since birth
Brown Arthur Tennyson   1918 25   wounded in action, died of wounds
Budarick Herman Arthur   1962 56 Mannum congestive cardiac failure, rheumatic carditis, an aneurism
Burke James Michael   1954 84 Mookra acute bronchitis and arteriosclerosis which had suffered for 12 years
Cannell Eliza Jane   1862 0 Allens Creek Croup
Cannell Harriet Emma   1861 3 Allens Creek Typhus
Case Alexander Arthur   2005 82 Hope Vallety had been living with Alzheimer's Disease for several years
Case Anthony Patrick   1967 6 Port Pire head injuries
Case Arthur Lorence   1964 82 Kent Town pneumonia and carcinoma the bladder
Case Arthur Phillip   1949 77 Blyth Parkinson's Disease, (15 years) and cerebral haemmorrhage
Case Benjamin   1963 34 Edithburgh drowning
Case Clement Isaac   1927 27 Adelaide acute mastoiditis and cerebellar abscess
Case Cleve Leonard   1962 36 Eastwood chronic tuberculosis of the bone (spinal caries)
Case Desmond James   1949 15 Orroroo a burst appendix
Case Elizabeth Ann Higgins 1961 72 Crystal Brook congestive heart failure for six months and also auricular fibrillation
Case Ellen Theresa McCarthy 1959 73 Pennington coronary occlusion that she'd had for 5 years
Case Emmanuel William   1942 77 Yorketown sudden cardiac failure
Case Ethel Thelma Emilda   1928 15 Booleroo enteric (typhoid) fever and broncho-pneumonia
Case Francis Michael   1917 65 Eastwood 4 weeks of melancholic exhaustion following 12 months of senile decay
Case Herbert Seth Joseph   1949 63 Crystal Brook carcinoma of the sigmoid colon and an intestinal obstruction
Case Isaac Phillip   1930 75 North Adelaide intestinal nephritis, endarteritis?, gangrene the foot and coma
Case Jane Starr 1893 73 via Pinda enteritis
Case Jean Monica   1927 0 Wallaroo gastritis and marasmus
Case Jesse Olive   1928 0 Wirrabara enterocolitis
Case Margaret Louisa Cunningham 1950 83 Orroroo peritonitis, ruptured gall bladder, bronchitis
Case Mary Ellen Silverthorne 1945 85 Jamestown myocardial failure & auricular fibrillation
Case Mary Jane Quinn 1948 82 Port Pirie Organic Heart Disease and Hyperpiesia
Case Mary Margaret Martin 1966 74 Gawler carcinoma of the pancreas
Case Naomi Silverthorne 1901 39 Coomooroo pneumonia, acute nephritis and pleurisy
Case Otto   1903 0 Pinda Cholera Infantum
Case Peter James   1943 83 Orroroo broncho-pneumonia
Case William James   1939 49 Everton coronary occlusion & cerebral sclerosis
Chace William John   1934 71 Alberton heart failure
Chivers Rebecca Lipscombe 1936 75 Grimsby, Ont., Canada chronic myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, chronic nephritis, asthma
Clarke James Thomas   1885 35 Bowden morbis Brightis, cerebral serous effusion & emphysema
Clerke Dorothy Lillian   1921 9 Jamestown measles, meningitis and pneumonia
Cocks Edward George Mack   1928 0 Jamestown malnutrition, 3 months
Colbert Gail Denise   1963 5 Wudinna Wilms Tumour
Couzner Benjamin Thomas   1897 0 Jamestown pneumonia
Couzner Beryl Joyce   1927 0 Jamestown gastroenteritis, 9 days
Couzner Don Henry   1915 0 Jamestown atelectasis
Couzner Douglas Verdin   1924 0 Jamestown erysipilis & bronchopneumonia
Couzner Edith Silver Bradock 1933 44 Jamestown epilepsy
Couzner Iris May   1926 69 Port Augusta gastroenteritis
Couzner Jane Elizabeth Talbot 1935 76 Jamestown carcinoma of the stomach for two years and deposition in the liver, for six months
Couzner Pearl Elizabeth Williams 1962 36 Jamestown cerebral haemorrhage, eclampsia, left hemiplegia and haemoptysis
Couzner Raymond Hartley   1993 70 Port Lincoln Myeloid Leukemia
Couzner Robert Leslie   1947 0 Jamestown congestive cardiac failure, congenital intestinal obstruction due to sand, cachesia
Couzner Stephen Richard   1943 86 Jamestown myocardial failure and an enlarged prostate
Couzner Susan Jane   1900 17 Jamestown Enteric Fever (typhoid fever)
Couzner Wesley   1918 0 Jamestown intestinal haemorrhage
Craighead Maria Sophia Service 1955 86 Walthamstow, Essex myocardial degeneration
Crout Constance Elsie Evans 1934 20 Exeter Lysol poisoning, self administered
Cummings Annie   1943 70 Port Lincoln carcinoma & hepatitis
Cummings Annie Josephine   1912 2 Sheringa diarrhea
Cummings Annie Morris Oakley 1920 90 Sheringa severe haemorrhage and shock following laceration of the scalp
Cummings Elizabeth   1932 0 Elliston malnutrition and pneumonia
Cummings Ella Morris   1912 12 Elliston tuberculosis meningitis
Cummings Emily Olive   1890 0 Arcoona Station whooping cough
Cummings Eric Leon   1929 0 Elliston marusmus
Cummings Geoffrey Ivan   1918 22 Palestine Killed in action in Palestine
Cummings Ivor Philip   1942 5 North Adelaide laryngeal diphtheria
Cummings Joseph Francis   1907 80 Hd. of Way carcinoma of the hand and general carcinosis
Cummings Josephine Frances   1932 70 Wudinna arteriosclerosis and a cerebral thrombosis
Cummings Leo   1929 61 Sheringa carcinoma the colon
Cummings Leo   1959 23   drowning when lost at sea near Sheringa. His body was never found
Cummings Lindsay Nathaniel   1968 69 Elliston carcinoma of the stomach
Cummings Owen Way   1943 5 Gilberton by drowning
Cunningham Leo Patrick   1966 75 Wallaroo congestive cardiac failure; emphysema; bronchospasm; hiatus hernia; obesity
Cunningham Mary Teresa Case 1942 74 Glen Osmond arteriosclerosis and auricular fibrillation
Dansie Edward   1940 82 Wirrabara cardiac failure & auricullar fibrilation.
Dansie Elizabeth Talbot 1930 66 Wirrabara valvular disease of the heart, cardiac apoplexy and auricular fibrillation
Davis Elizabeth Jane Blight 1957 84 Booleroo Centre pneumonia 9 months after having a Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke)
Deen Cecilia Hannah Haines 1953 67 Ovingham coronary thrombosis and arteriosclerosis
Dempsey Damien Andrew   1978 1   Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Disher Annie Maria Dutton 1887 26 Bordertown hypertension & angina pectoris
Disher Ralph Ernest   1917 32 near Gaza killed in action
Dixon Ethel Ruby Haines 1962 65 Murray Bridge cerebral haemorrhage, arteriosclerosis and pericarditis nodosa
Dubois Malcolm Lancelot   2006 60 North Adelaide hepatitis contracted from an infected blood transfusion
DuBois Mary   1940 6h Wudinna prematurity
Dutton Edward Ernest   1944 81 Fullarton Estate 21 days of lobar pneumonia after being weakened by lymphatic leukemia
Dutton Edward Ernest   1887 54 Naracoorte dropsy and heart disease
Dutton Elizabeth   1962 87 Myrtle Bank natural causes, probably a cerebral vascular accident (stroke), at home
Dutton George Hugh   1908 27 Norwood hydatid disease
Dutton Mary Elizabeth Edmonds 1934 92 Beaumont mitral incompetence, which she had been suffering for several years
Edmonds Elizabeth Ann Evans 1885 63 Goodwood dysentery
Edmonds Ernest Harry   1962 78 Mile End a cerebral thrombosis
Edmonds Gerald Ralph   1960 18 Sale the result of a road accident
Edmonds John Hinton   1889 42 North Adelaide Spinal Sclerosis
Edmonds Keith   1936 0 Wudinna He was born prematurely and only survived for an hour.
Edmonds Mabel Jane Haines 1946 62 Wudinna debility carcinoma left ovary with metastases intraperitoneal
Edmonds Mary Louisa Puplett 1899 47 Parkside phthitis (TB)
Edmonds Maude Hinton   1879 0 Virginia convusions
Edmonds Raymond Franklin   2008 91 Port Lincoln ischaemic heart disease 
Edmonds Ruth Hinton 1856 74 Bradford-on-Avon, UK dropsy of the pericardium, 14 days bronchitis
Edmonds Todd Edward   2010 16 Venus Bay accident, fell from the top of 45 metre cliffs to the rocks below, at Venus Bay
Edmonds William Bennett   1870 53 Goolwa debility and disease of the heart
Edmonds William Bennett   1871 22 Strathalbyn phthisis
Edmonds Yvonne Anne   1962 12 North Adelaide lymphosarcoma, which she had contracted three months earlier
Ellis Ada Elizabeth Ann   1880 0 Gawler South convulsions
Ellis Hilda Ivy Pearl   1895 0 New Thebarton whooping cough and convulsions
Ellis Marguerite Danalien   1899 0 West Thebarton convulsions
Evans Ann Chapman 1857 72 Noarlunga old age
Evans Dorothy Phyllis Dutton 1962 79 Parkside secondary carcinomatosis of lungs spread from carcinoma of right breast
Evans Florence Jubilee Talbot 1957 59 Crystal Brook a cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension and diabetes mellitis
Evans Henry   1885 62 Franklin Harbour heart failure
Everett Maria     0   died young
Faggotter Adele Doney 1913 48 Yelta injuries to the trunk and spine, car accident , developed meningitis.
Faggotter Agnes Bertha Mountford 1898 27 Hd of Parnaroo heat apoplexy (heat stroke).
Faggotter Arthur   1914 0 Corny Point prematurity.
Faggotter Carol Lynette   1951 0 Peterborough prematurity
Faggotter Charles   1963 89 Semaphore coronary occlusion
Faggotter Charles Fellows   1915 82 Hallett chronic intestinal nephritis & uraemia
Faggotter Ernest Benjamin   1948 70 Marree cardiac failure
Faggotter Jane Hobbs 1894 56 Burra diarrhea & vomiting.
Faggotter Muriel   1918 0 Yorketown because of her premature birth
Faggotter Stephen Herbert   1921 39 Marion Bay fractured skull (coroner's certificate)
Faggotter Walter   1951 84 Yorketown acute myocardial failure, senility & myocardial degeneration
Farewell Robyn   2003 0 Adelaide Robyn was stillborn.
Feltus Francis Charles   1944 51   as a result of a car accident in Minnipa
Feltus Norman   1918 0   Died in infancy
Fisher Anne Isabel Edmonds 1877 34 Palmerston heart disease debility
Fisher Baby   1868 0 Strathalbyn prematurity
Fisher William   1910 70 Adelaide heat apoplexy and cardiac failure
Franklin Florence Pearl Venning 1966 71 near Minnipa congestive cardiac failure
Fuller Clifford Jack   1941 25 Derna missing in operations
Fuller Jane   1854 0   from "convultions", aboard the "Navarino" on the voyage to South Australia
Gardiner Alice Maria Haines 1934 64 Fullarton acute pulmonary oedema
Geharty Margaret Annie Duncan 1895 47 Elliston enteritis
Gooding Harold   1917 24   Killed in action
Gooding Walter Tom   1917 22   Killed in action during the Battle of Menin Road
Gorman George   1917 33   Killed in Action WW1
Gorman James   1859 1 Neath measles
Gorman Lillian Alice Clifford 1944 71 Selley Oak, UK carcinoma of the anus
Gregory Alfred George   1929 80 Port Pirie senile decay
Haines Alice Jane Treloar 1900 24 Wallaroo septicaemia
Haines Alison Maud   1893 0 near Hamilton malassimilation
Haines Arthur Avis   1963 67 Cummins coronary sclerosis, chronic bronchitis, cardiac infarction (sudden)
Haines Arthur George   1889 7 Mundoora typhoid fever
Haines Caleb   1871 1 Tea Tree Gully encephalitis
Haines Craig Gregory   1997 20 Gawler fatally wounded during an armed holdup, doing the night-shift at a service station
Haines Donald Hilton   1905 0 Port Pirie marasmus
Haines Edith Bald 1955 73 Port Lincoln cerebral thrombosis and senility
Haines Elizabeth Baird 1938 80 Kapunda diabetic coma after suffering with diabetes mellitus
Haines George   1930 86 Adelaide heart disease
Haines George Lionel   1891 2 Mundoora extensive accidental burns received 18th July
Haines Hannah Flower 1890 75 Kapunda apoplexy and endocarditis
Haines Harold John   1999 75 Wudinna cancer
Haines Harry   1940 69 Booleroo Centre a coronary occlusion
Haines Howard Frederick   1894 0 Mundoora spinal meningitis
Haines James   1927 75 Clarence Park heat exhaustion and heart failure
Haines James   1866 52 Allens Creek strangulation of the bowel
Haines James Martin   1950 66 Magill plasmacytoma of the spinal cord
Haines James Stanley   1890 0 Mundoora diarrhoea and catarrh
Haines Johanna Miriam Bawden 1890 44 Port Broughton rupture of the liver sustained in an accident when a horse shied
Haines Laurel Mary   1922 2 Port Lincoln primary infantile paralysis (1 week)
Haines Maggie Clarice   1907 0 Port Broughton She died 14 weeks after her mother died, following 10 days of Gastroenteritis
Haines Maggie Emslie Arbon 1907 28 Port Pirie pernicious anaemia complicating puerperium
Haines Marguerite Pearl Aiken 1948 63 Booleroo Centre cardiac failure, paralysis agitans
Haines Mark Flower   1886 28 Kapunda enteric fever (typhoid fever)
Haines Mark Spencer F.   1959 72 Tumby Bay cerebral thrombosis
Haines Matthew Mark   1964 70 Cherry Gardens sudden coronary thrombosis and artereosclerosis
Haines Robert William   1946 63 Wudinna cerebral thrombosis
Haines Rubina Clara Franklin 1932 40 Wudinna cardiac failure and rheumatoid arthritis
Haines Stephanie Camellia   1954 9 North Adelaide tetanus, six weeks after splinter in leg
Haines Thomas   1938 84 Kapunda cerebral haemorrhage and arteriosclerosis
Haines William Ephriam   1927 25   executed by hanging in the "A" wing of Adelaide gaol
Haines William Martin   1955 80 Springbank coronary occlusion and coronary sclerosis
Hains Edward   1880 38   scropulous disease of the skin, glands & lungs
Hains Emma Sarah   1875 0 North Adelaide tuberculosis of the bowel
Hains Rosa Harriett   1874 0 North Adelaide atrophy
Harmer Michael William   2008 29 Cottesloe Beach as the result of a traffic accident, when his car hit a tree just before 1.00am.
Hayes William Lloyd   1915 7d Kooringa prematurity
Hazel Benjamin   1907 36 Kapunda pneumonia and meningitis
Hearn Cecilia Vosper Brandon 1917 69 North Kensington phthisis pulmonalis
Hearn Louisa Lily Brandon 1954 70 Wilmington chronic myocardial degeneration, arteriosclerosis & paralysis agitans
Hearne Gordon   1942 0 Port Augusta was stillborn
Herreen Joseph Matthew   1909 20 Piednippie meningitis
Hicks Leonard Charles   1973 60 Plymouth heart attack
Hicks Leonard John   1947 0 Plymouth pneumonia
Hillman John Rex   1922 3 Wilmington laryngitis oedematous
Hobbs Charles Henry   1876 73 Froxfield, Wilts., UK chronic bronchitis & general debility
Hobbs Clara Leah Gillies 1916 72 Parkside senile decay over 2 years and she suffered 3 days diarrhea
Hobbs Henry Talbot   1941 75 Parkside cerebral arteriosclerosis
Hobbs Mary Ann Dance 1929 95 Laura senility, enteritis & asthenia
Hobbs William   1934 69 Port Augusta carcinoma of the stomach
Hobbs William   1915 85 Jamestown senile decay
Hobbs John   1898 45 Silverton supposed drowning (accidental)
Hobbs George   1902 70 Port Augusta West heart disease
Hobbs Elizabeth McNilty 1873 40 Mount Bryan childbirth
Humphries Jabez   1909 57 Bath, Somerset, UK remains found in in cave 1930; hole in skull, revolver beside the remains
Hurrell Cecil George M.   1914 0 Mount Cooper broncho-pneumonia.
Hurrell Sarah louisa Roberts 1967 77 Elliston cardiac ischaemia & diabetes militus
Inson Thomas William   1933 15 Brentwood, Essex, UK Cause of death: hit by a golf club
Jaffrey Elizabeth Susan Fisher 1901 38 Gawler pulmonary tuberculosis
Jarmyn Marjorie Jean Oxlade 1929 82 Port Augusta cerebral thrombosis, cerebral atheroma
Kelly Patrick Terence   1966 57 Elliston right-sided hemiplegia & hypertension
Kerslake Bertha Thiem 1882 21 Wallaroo a serious apoplexy
Kerslake Bertha   1885 0 Wallaroo suffering debility from birth with fatal exhaustion
Kerslake Mary Bevan 1939 82 Wallaroo senility
Kerslake Selina   1893 0 Wallaroo intestinal tuberculosis and peritonitis 15 days
Kerslake Selina   1892 0 Wallaroo marasmus
Kerslake William Henry   1889 0 Wallaroo marasmus
Kerslake William Henry   1883 0 Wallaroo diarrhea
Kerslake William Henry   1885 0 Wallaroo marasmus
Kirkland Alfred   1947 0 Jamestown premature birth (6 months gestation)
Kirkland Robert Keith   1929 0 Jamestown suffocation
Kirton Elizabeth Jane   2008 82 Hamilton, Canada kidney failure
Kirton Ethel Marie   2002 95 Hamilton, Canada cerebral vascular accidents & pneumonia
Kirton Nigel Pearey   1972 32 Walcha, NSW, Australia kidney failure due to diabetes
Kirton Walter Pearey   1914 95 Ealing, London, UK septacaemia due to appendicitis
Kroemer Albert Henry P.   1954 70 Port Augusta cerebral haemorrhage (1 day), hypertension for several years
Kroemer Frank Ronald   1920 1 Wilmington haemorrhage from pharygeal abscess
Kroemer George Albert   1891 1 Wilmington pneumonia
Kroemer Harriet Anne Brandon 1936 78 Wilmington after having problems with her heart and aorta for 5 years
Kroemer Lilly Jane Hillman 1965 77 Wilmington myocadial infarct, ischaemic heart disease
Langham-Service George Edward   1978 73 Furneux Pelham, Herts. carcinomatosis and carcinoma of the transverse colon
Langley Florence Elizabeth Haines 1945 64 St. Leonards tumour of the brain for 9 months together with 3 years of hypernephroma
Le Marchant Jessie Whitehead Kirton 1956 88 Croydon, Surrey, UK generalized arterial sclerosis
Lenartowicz Mildred Susanna Talbot 1929 28 Kooringa organic disease the heart and double pneumonia
Lord John James   1964 90 Broken Hill haemorrhagic pancreatitis
Lowe Hannah Ruth Cannell 1948 79 Payneham after suffering with carcinoma of the breast for two years
Lynch Rosetta Edith Ethel Oxlade 1967 83 Rosewater 3 days after a coronary occlusion; artheriosclerosis for several years
Makins Agnes May Flower Haines 1915 29 Highgate Morbis Cordis
Makins Frederick Hart   1962 49 Narridy when accidentally incinerated
Mann Charles Gowman   1944 65 Merton from myocardial dysfunction
Mann Ernest   1918 34   missing in action in the Battle of the Somme; declared dead on 11 June
McEvoy Catherine Lucy Case 1934 85 Clare carcinoma of the stomach compounded by years of chronic myocarditis
McEvoy Denis   1865 60 Port Gawler accidental injury to the spine
McEvoy Dennis Matthew   1935 84 Queenstown after suffering from arteriosclerosis for 7 years
McEvoy Eliza Anne Bridget Case 1919 61 Streaky Bay blood poisoning related to diabetes
McEvoy Ellen Edith   1885 0 Wiltunga from "want of vital power"
McEvoy Ellen Jane Case 1934 72 Queenstown chronic myocarditis and myocardial degeneration
McEvoy Frederick Joseph   1962 81 Port Lincoln coronary artery disease & senility
McEvoy Gregory Joseph   1959 0 Streaky Bay (a) bronchopneumonia (crossed out)(b) upper bronchial infection
McEvoy Jonathan Noel   1975 29 Daw Park cancer
McEvoy Joseph Michael   1930 80 Streaky Bay chronic nephritis (indefinite), uraemia 7 days
McEvoy Kathleen Ellen   1946 23 North Adelaide opreation on womb
Mincham Ernest Arthur   1943 31   reported "missing in action"
Mitchell Annie Marion Vosper 1917 77 Ovingham senile decay
Moore Robert   1897 41 Mundoora pneumonia
Morrison Emma Talbot 1952 91 Burra cerebral degeneration and senility
Moxon Gwenyth  Cecilia M. Edmonds 2003 84 Henley Beach relapse of bowel cancer which had been in remission for ten years
Murch Max   1933 0 Rose Park Only lived for one hour.
Murphy Alice Catherine Case 1957 60 Port Pirie myocardial degeneration and chronic myocarditis
Newman Lachlan   1993 0   Lachlan was one of twins, stillborn
Newman Luke   1993 0   Luke was one of twins, stillborn
Noll Wilhelm Albert   1943 78 Booleroo Centre cerebral arteriosclerosis, auricular fibriliation, myocardial degeneration
North Alan Lindsay   1964 10 Wudinna shock due to mutiple chest and head injuries, loss of both arms in a farm accident
North Clarence Theodore   1912 0 Elliston debility
North Doris Ann O'Brien 1956 51 Adelaide arteriosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis
North Eliza Elizabeth Valkema 1942 73 Prospect cerebral haemorrage and pneumonia.
North Evelyn Josephin Cook 1960 69 Port Lincoln essential hypertension for years and had a cerebral haemorrhage for 30 hours
North George   1911 89 Colton senile decay
North George Henry   1926 64 Lower North  Bright's disease and uraemia (kidney failure).
North George Henry B   1965 80 Port Lincoln acute pulmonary oedema leading to heart failure
North George Linde   2006 79 Wudinna a heart attack
North Harold Edmund   1955 65 Port Kenny coronary thrombosis
North Hero Clair   1940 78 Semaphore uremia and prostatic hypertrophy
North Hero Clarence   1916 21   gunshot wounds in the chest, during the final days the "Battle the Somme"
North Kevin Edward   2006 68   cancer
North Leo Clair   1958 69 Port Lincoln coronary occlusion, at home
North Lydia Vosper 1913 78 Colton senile decay
North Mark Adrian   1956 0 Wudinna An autopsy found multiple fractures of the vault of the skull
North Percy Austin   1959 62 Bordertown multiple injuries including fractures of the jaw, elbow and skull
North Rosina Ann Boylan 1939 75 North Adelaide artheriosclerosis
North Theodore   1901 15   meningitis
North Violet Edith McKenzie 1957 63 Port Lincoln coronary occlusion, hypertension and arteriosclerosis
Oxlade Edwin Robert T.   1898 0 Solomontown convulsions
Oxlade Ellen Finch 1881 54 Bowden chronic hepatitis
Oxlade George Thomas   1899 0 Davenport 11 days
Oxlade Henry Charles   1966 82 Port Augusta cerebral thrombosis and cerebral atheroma
Oxlade Henry Robert T.   1918 64 Davenport "supposed natural causes". His occupation was given as "labourer"
Oxlade Joseph Thomas   1959 56   ruptured thoracic aorta
Oxlade Joyce Margaret   1920 0 Port Augusta whooping cough
Oxlade Mabel May   1907 27 Davenport pulmonary tuberculosis
Oxlade Patricia Janice   1950 9 North Adelaide cerebral edema; cerebral anoxia; bilateral bronchiectasis, cardiac failure
Oxlade Walter James   1907 20 Davenport chlorosis and heat exhustion
Oxlade William Charles   1933 71 Ethelton chronic endocarditis
Oxlade William Isaac Hector   1962 66 Port Adelaide coronary insufficiency
Patterson Anne Eliza Talbot 1934 71 Parkside heart disease and pneumonia
Perry Alfred   1889 76 Noarlunga heart disease
Perry Edward   1917 41   "killed in action"
Perry Hannah Eleanor   1905 22 Hackham pulmonary tuberculosis
Perry John Harvey   1853 38 Mount Barker ruptured kidney and injury to his liver, from a log rolling on him in a farm accident
Perry John Harvey   1941 86 Morphett Vale myocardial degeneration and senility
Perry Priscilla Browett 1887 64 Leonards Hill endocarditis and asthma
Phyland Annie Laura McEvoy 1968 81 Port Lincoln broncho-pneumonia & senility
Porter Frank Edward   1937 40 Riverton a rifle bullet through the brain when his rifle accidentally went off and killed him
Price Irene Ann Talbot 1921 27 Jamestown scepticaemia purpura 3 weeks after the birth of their baby
Price Melva Dawn   1930 0 Peterborough aged 7 months, from marasmus and acute gastritis
Price Norma Joyce   1929 1 Peterborough pneumonia
Price Rhonda Pearl   1940 8 North Adelaide after suffering from osteomyelitis of the left tibia for 5 months
Puplett Emma Maria Everett 1913 91 North Adelaide cancer of the liver.
Puplett James   1887 70 Virginia of diarrhea and exhaustion
Puplett Laura Maria   1938 79 North Adelaide (1) intestinal obstruction (2) carcinoma of the sigmoid (3) pneumonia
Puplett Lucy Perry 1899 79 Albany morbis cordis
Puplett William   1894 74 Adelaide morbis cordis
Pyle Gertrude Hinton Edmonds 1927 46 Parkside at home from scleroderma, general toxaemia and heart failure
Pyle Gladys Maude   1915 10 Unley bronchitis and laryngitis caused by measles
Pyle Thomas John   1920 67 Parkside cancer of the stomach
Quinn Ellen Jane Case 1963 74 Peterborough following 6 months of debility and years of senility.
Ridgway Elizabeth Kate Puplett 1938 89 Adelaide broncho-pneumonia and cerebral thrombosis
Ridgway William   1888 42 Smithfield heat apoplexy
Riley Charles Leonard   1914 27     HMS Cressy sunk by German submarines in Jutland 22 Sep 1914
Robins Fanny Siviour 1940 60 Wudinna acute myocarditis, pleurisy effusion & asthma
Rosser Amy   1900 18 near Kapunda Cerebrospinal Meningitis
Rosser Elsie Maud Couzner 1954 65 Jamestown (a) coronary thrombosis (b) arteriosclerosis (c) hypertension
Rosser Emma Haines 1901 45 Kapunda Acute Rheumatism and Pericarditis
Rowe Harriet Haines 1938 82 Kapunda arteriosclerosis & senility
Rynne Annie Francis Cook 1958 69 Adelaide after suffering from pneumonia for 48 hours
Sanders Martha   1913 0 Devonport at 6 weeks of age of pneumonia
Sands Alfred Anthony   1969 27 Elizabeth as the result of a motorcycle accident
Satchell Helen Brown 1901 63 Myamyn cirrhosis the liver after a 3 month illness
Schern Annabella McLennan 1949 76 Wudinna pulmonary tuberculosis & cachexia
Schern Harry   1942 69 Wudinna auricular fibrillation & acute alcoholism
Searle Walter Talbot   1956 69 Port Lincoln coronary occlusion, essential hypertension & acute retention
Service George Christop   1906 29 Walthamstow acute croupous pneumonia
Shearer Fanny Louise Haines 1946 74 Prospect coronary thrombosis and arteriosclerosis
Shearer Violet   1902 0 Mundoora prematurity
Shearer William Ralph   1903 0 Mundoora prematurity
Shell Esther Mary Case 1926 80 Parkside senile decay
Short Edward   1903 56 Hackam cancer of the liver
Short Emma Jane Mudge 1928 80 Noarlunga cancer of the colon
Siviour Edith May Haines 1959 78 Adelaide a coronary occlusion
Siviour Norman Rolland   1917 20   died in action in WW1
Slee Eda Elizabeth Brandon 1936 76 Wilmington atheroma, 5 years and cebral oedema 3 weeks
Slee Lawrence   1914 0 Wilmington from injuries during a difficult labour
Slee Minetta Lillian Frick 1966 83 Booleroo Centre coronary occlusion
Smith Charles Thomas   1919 52 Adelaide suffering with pulmonary tuberculosis for many years
Smith Edith Mary Jane Clarke 1955 82 Port Pirie senility
Smith George James   1946 84 Cheltenham, Gloustershire toxaemia & exhaustion, carcinoma of stomach
Smith Sarah Talbot 1902 45 Olary influenza
Speck Elsie Johanna Case 1964 71 Magill malignant melanoma (2 years),a squamous cell carcinoma on nose 1 year
Spencer Lott 1915 57 Melbourne, Victoria appendicitis general peritonitis
Staker Ruth Haines 1910 68 West Adelaide heart disease
Stancliff George   1913 65 Broken Hill when he became entangled in machinery
Starkey Alexander Gladstone   1957 57 Port Lincoln coronary occlusion & cerebro vascular accident
Starkey Dianne Mary   1949 0 Streaky Bay because she was too early, premature
Starkey Dorothy Jean Ransom 1958 45 Streaky Bay a massive pulmonary embolism, pelvic thrombosis; has had a recent parturiton
Starkey Dudley Lloyd   1989 67 Port Pirie after having a heart attack while travelling, by car, from Port Augusta to Port Pirie
Starkey Helen Mary   1971 19 Streaky Bay injuries as the result of a car accident
Starkey Kevin Noel   1971 16 Streaky Bay injuries received in a car accident
Starkey Leanne Jean   2004 41   injuries received in a car accident
Starkey Michael Anthony   1980 20 Woodside injuries received in a car accident
Starkey Timothy John   1988 18   injuries received in a car accident, near Port Kenny
Starr Emanuel Case 1898 82 Coonatto senile decay
Starr Michael   1860 0 Yattalunga inflamation of the lungs
Stuckey David   1959 84 Port Pirie senility
Summers Hannah Lily Haines 1964 75 Clarence Gardens cardiac degeneration, atheroma and senility
Symons William Eldred S.   1956 55 Elliston coronary thrombosis or infarct
Talbot Alfred   1961 51 Woodville chronic pneumonia, duodenal fistula, carcinoma stomach, & subphrenic abscess
Talbot Andrew Ernest   1913 7 Port Pirie epistaxis (nosebleed).
Talbot Annie Faggotter 1942 73 Peterborough acute bronchial pneumonia (2-3 keeks) myocardial failure and uremia (4-5 days).
Talbot Charles   1944 83 Crystal Brook senility
Talbot Charles   1910 58 Booborowie the injuries received when when a cart fell on him
Talbot Clarence Archibald   1894 1 Spalding gastroenteritis
Talbot David William   1924 76   natural causes
Talbot Eliza Barnard 1919 95 Kooringa morbis cordis, valvular disease
Talbot Eliza Jane   1880 0 Norton Summit convulsions
Talbot Ellen Bradock 1938 65 North Adelaide chronic nephritis and arteriosclerosis
Talbot Eric James   1986 58 Jamestown a heart attack
Talbot George   1927 64 Jamestown heart failure
Talbot George   1924 0 Crystal Brook Prematurity after 3 hours
Talbot Gloria Dawn   1947 1 Broken Hill, NSW meningitis
Talbot Hazel Irene Dunstan 1980 65 Crystal Brook heart attack
Talbot Henry   1943 87 Crystal Brook senility
Talbot Henry   1912 90 Jamestown gastroenteritis and senile debility
Talbot Jeffrey James Lovell   1967 78 Adelaide chronic renal failure, congestive cardiac failure and broncho-pneumonia
Talbot John   1935 67 Adelaide carcinoma of the colon & peritonitis
Talbot John Henry   1854 2 Unley dysentry
Talbot John Henry   1952 58 Crystal Brook coronary thrombosis, cachaxia and broncho-pneumonia
Talbot Joseph Hercules   1940 37 Peterborough acute lobar pneumonia
Talbot Kevin John   1940 0 Crystal Brook prematurity
Talbot Marie Henrietta Wehlack 1957 59 Jamestown cerebral haemorrhage, left hemiplesia, chronic nephritis
Talbot Olive Myrtle Selma Ham 1932 38 Menindie, NSW haemorrhage from incomplete self-administered mechanical abortion
Talbot Perry Gordon   1968 61 Crystal Brook a coronary occlusion and arteriosclerosis
Talbot Simon John   2008 39 Port Wakefield the result of a car accident
Talbot Susannah Hobbs 1911 85 Jamestown senile decay syncope
Talbot Thomas   1901 72 Booborowie senile decay and congestion on the lungs.
Talbot Walter David   1891 0 near Crystal Brook premature birth and marasmus
Talbot William   1870 13 Wirrabara enlargement of the liver
Talbot William Thomas   1883 2 Ashton diarrhea
Talbot John   1876 80 Hungerford, Berkshire dropsy
Talbot Sarah Dennis 1861 68 Froxfield, Wilts., UK natural decay
Tangye Ann Todd 1993 84 London a stroke
Trahair Ellen   1853 1 at sea measles
Tregeagle Anna Maria   1864 1 Steventon hydrophoby
Tregeagle Dawn   1924 0 Hope Valley premature birth,about seven months gestation, too weak to sustain life
Tregeagle Donald   1894 0 Tea Tree Gully gastritis
Tregeagle Edward Alfred   1905 2 Tea Tree Gully acute diarrhea (6 days)
Tregeagle Jesse   1885 0 Tea Tree Gully teething diarrhea and convulsions
Tregeagle Jesse Roy   1943 33   killed in action (WW2) in New Guinea
Tregeagle Sarah Haines 1877 38 Tea Tree Gully inflammation of ?(indecipherable)
Tregeagle Stanley   1897 0 Tea Tree Gully severe gastric enteric cattarrh
Tregeagle William   1931 71 Para Hills incinerated, caused by the hut in which he lived catching fire
Usher Arthur William   1941 30   Died from polio in 1941/42.
Usher Lionel Howard   1948 12 Northfield polio
Valkema Bernard Teaden   1877 46 North Adelaide albuminaria and hydrops carditis, at home
Valkema Elizabeth Bryant 1927 83 Solomontown senile decay and heat exhaustion
Valkema Mary   1881 16 Coffin Bay accidently drowned off Point Sir Isaac
Veal James Joseph   1858 0 Gawler bronchitis
Veal Murcey   1857 0 Gawler Town convulsions
Veal Richard   1882 53 Bassett Town gout and diarrhea
Veal Richard   1855 0 not recorded prematurity
Veal(e) Richard   1886 34 Parkside phthisis (TB) and dementia which he'd had for 5 yrs 4 mths.
Veale Alice Winifred   1922 0 Woodville a congenital heart disease
Veale Annie Victoria Burrows 1926 63 Gawler carcinoma of the bowel
Veale Christopher   1911 51 Gawler Hills natural causes, heart failure.
Veale Thomas Henry   1941 51 Gawler coronary occlusion
Vickers Benjamin   1869 48 Adelaide paraplegia mania
Vickers Frank Alexander   1910 21 Adelaide injuries caused by being knocked down by a train
Vosper Elizabeth Gowman 1861 62 Exeter, Devon, UK a diseased heart, certified
Wheaton Alice Jane Geharty 1928 63 Elliston carcinoma of right breast, secondary deposit in lung & liver
Wheaton Ida Emily Cook 1966 71 Adelaide carcinoma the breast with secondary metastases in liver and bone
White Daisy   1933 0 Moonta prematuity
White Edwin Laurence   1917 0 Hergott Springs presumably of natural causes (on certificate)
Whylie Edward Gordon   1942 37 Nuriootpa parfura (acute)
Wickens Margaret Thresher Perry 1861 43 Coromandel Valley dropsy
Williams Grant Andrew   2008 21 Lockleys the result of a horrific high-speed crash
Wilson Elizabeth Catherine Oxlade 1921 76 Torrensville senile decay
Wilson Matilda Priscilla Haines 1957 83 Hindmarsh West heart failure, myocardial degeneration, auricular fibrillation and senility
Wiltshire Florence Elizabeth Cannell 1919 54 Semaphore collapsed 4.5 hours after a hysterectomy; carcinoma the uteri 
Winstanley Desmond Glen   1944 1 Wudinna broncho-pneumonia, gastroenteritis & mongolism
Winstanley Ellen Fry 1895 58 Elliston enteritis
Winstanley Frederick Joseph   1939 78 Wudinna myocarditis
Woodlands Elizabeth Claudia Dansie 1914 21 Booleroo Centre puerperal septacaemia
Yates Howard Burnett   1922 1 Wilmington dentition bronchial catarrh