South Australia
Lyndoch Valley
Baptist Church
Benger, Augusta  (1842-1919)
Haines, Stephen  (about 1833-1912)
Evangelical Lutheran St Jacobi Church
Bawden, Arthur  (1873-1955)
Semmler, Maria Wilhelmine  (1868-1940)
Macclesfield Cemetery
St John Church
Holmes, James  (1848-1930)
Robinson, Susannah  (1850-1935)
Arnold, Leonard Ross  (1926-1948)
Bilsborow, Arthur David  (1872-1896)
Blight, Ivor Clement  (1913-1954)
Bullock, Jane Sophia  (about 1853-1891)
Cannell, James Haines  (1862-1946)
Cosgrove, Gordon Edwin Farr  (1901-1973)
Craker, Allan Charles  (1913-1998)
Haines, Gilbert Hedley  (1875-1953)
Hayes, Elsie Cordelia  (1916-1964)
Hearne, Archibald Kinglake  (1883-1964)
Hearne, Kenneth Kinglake  (1922-2004)
Logan, James Henry  (1877-1971)
Miller, Alfred Leonard  (1916-1977)
Neck, Betty Jean  (1930-1999)
Penno, Thomas Henry  (1912-)
Pitcher, Daphney May  (1913-1946)
Savill, Elsie Sylvia Beatrice  (1895-1969)
Smith, Clara Jane  (1876-1949)
Smith, John Alexander  (about 1886-1962)
Smith, Leah Jane  (1876-1969)
Stancliff, Caroline May  (1886-1964)
Stephenson, Ellen Ann  (1873-1947)
Talbot, Ellen  (1884-)
Talbot, William Thomas  (1881-1883)
Wilkey, Lilia Rose  (1893-1953)
Winstanley, William James  (1874-1952)
Clayton Church Homes
Case, Leo Joseph  (1926-2014)
Crowe, Michael Peter  (about 1885-1962)
Veal, Violet May  (1893-1967)
Magill Cemetery
Everett, Philip Bietz  (1911-1934)
Magill Cemetery, Jackson Street
Crawforth, Ivy May  (1889-1940)
Haines, James Martin  (1884-1950)
Magill General Cemetery
Duncan, Marianne  (about 1872-1935)
Methodist Church
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Case, Elsie Johanna  (1893-1964)
Royal Adelaide Hospital, Magill Wards
Haines, James Martin  (1884-1950)
St George Church
Briggs, Phyllis May  (1908-1982)
Brooks, Ronald Roy  (about 1914-1962)
St George's Cemetery
Dutton, Elizabeth  (1875-1962)
Edmonds, Mary Elizabeth  (1841-1934)
St George's Church
Woodforde Cemetery
Dutton, George Hugh  (1880-1908)
Magill Road
Malcolms Flat
the residence of Mr Mewett
Mewett, Sarah Elizabeth  (about 1839-1914)
Parker, George  (about 1834-1908)
Andrew, Walter George  (1856-1934)
Bosworth, Lucy  (1875-1964)
Brown, Ronald James  (1913-2005)
Couzner, Rita Lilian  (1912-2006)
Davis, Ross Haines  (1919-1968)
Dixon, Thomas Sydney  (about 1897-1967)
Makins, Frederick Hart Rosdale  (1913-1962)
Makins, Joyce Alice Lilian  (1914-)
Oats, David Binfield  (1914-1997)
Pyle, Arthur  (1880-1966)
Short, John Alfred  (1862-1954)
Stone, Alfred Raymond  (1920-2007)
Turnbull, Andrew Arthur  (about 1879-1960)
Wheaton, Ethel Marie Adelaide  (1897-1991)
Wiltshire, Dorothy Elsie  (1914-1994)