Rather than trawl through the thousands of names in the index, many that probably are of no interest to you, selecting one of the family names below will take you to an index containing names that are only connected to their family tree.

The Edmonds family were involved in the manufacture of woollen goods in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

The North family originated in Greece.

The Cummings family began in South Australia when Joseph jumped ship in Fowlers Bay 1843

The Haines's were agricultural labourers from Poulshot, also in Wiltshire

As far as we know Henry Cook came from Devon

The Talbot family were also agricultaral labourers, from around Froxfield, Wiltshire

Emanuel Case was the earliest immigrant to South Australia, in our tree, arriving in 1837

The Oxlades were brickmakers from Buckinghamshire

Benjamin Ellis is a bit of a mystery man. He came from Nottingham, but I don't know much more at this time.

The Hobbs' were another family of agricultural labourers from Wiltshire, from around Oakhill.