All family-related icons (the little coloured trees on the "Person" page) will tell you which family or families they are connected to, including by marriage; just hover your mouse over the icon and a family name will be displayed. In a few cases the connections may seem tenuous, eg. in-laws or their parents. If you click on the icon it will bring you back to this page. There is a "relationship" sentence, above the Family section at the top of each page, which explains that person's relationship to one, or more, of the 8 main progenitors of the site. Many will have more than one icon because I have included spouses as family of their partner and also, any children and grandchildren will accumulate icons as each generation becomes part of a wider gene pool. The other icons are, I hope, self-explanatory.

Case family connection
Cook family connection
Cummings family connection
Edmonds family connection
Ellis family connection
Haines family connection
Hobbs family connection
North family connection
Oxlade family connection
Talbot family connection
Born in another country and emigrated to Australia
Served in their country's armed forces in wartime
They died while serving in their armed forces
Takes you to a Google map of the place of the event; internet connection required for it to work
Indicates a link to an external website or webpage
This icon in the Place index will take you to a map showing the location
This person is one of a set of twins
When you see this icon in the Index it means there is a picture on that person's page, usually a portrait
Click on this icon to get more pictures relating to that person
More information available
PDF file; Adobe Acrobat or a compatible reader required to open the file

These are some of the abreviations you may come across anywhere throughout these pages

ACT - Australian Capital Territory

AIF - Australian Imperial Force

CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

NAA - National Archives of Australia

NLA - National Library of Australia

NT - Northern Territory, Australia

QLD - Queensland, Australia

SA - South Australia

SLSA - State Library of South Australia

TAS - Tasmania, Australia

VIC - Victoria, Australia

WA - Western Australia