South Australia
a private residence
McEvoy, Monica Marie  (1931-2006)
Adolfsson, Victor August  (1915-2007)
Arneson, Norman Victor Roy  (1923-1979)
Arneson, Stanley Roy  (about 1900-1947)
Bilsborow, Adelia Martha  (1874-1875)
Bilsborow, Annie Louisa  (1876-1965)
Bilsborow, Arthur Charles  (1898-1973)
Bilsborow, Clifford Phillip  (1923-2002)
Carr, Alfred William  (1920-2012)
Carr, Betty  (1925-1931)
Davey, Beryl May  (1912-1978)
Everett, William Wolfe Boby  (1845-1924)
Gibson, Agnes Hilda  (1895-1958)
Gibson, Eveline May  (1899-1977)
Gibson, Gladys Maud  (1892-1920)
Gibson, Hannah Hilda Agnes  (1912-1998)
Gibson, William Hamilton Fairlie  (1914-)
Gray, George Benson  (1877-1943)
Jamieson, Allan William  (1909-1972)
Johnson Curtin, Esther Jane  (1897-1934)
MacKay, Brian James  (about 1934-)
Matthews, Arnold William  (1922-2002)
Matthews, Clarence Alfred John  (1921-1999)
McGorm, Matthew George  (1914-1942)
Norman, Agnes Emma  (1872-1951)
Oxlade, Matilda Catherine  (1902-1977)
Richards, Emily Gertrude  (1878-1959)
Smith, Emma  (1889-1961)
Starkey, Louisa Ellen  (1893-1959)
Taylor, Alfred David  (1909-1961)
Taylor, Archibald Wallace  (about 1877-1947)
Turner, James Hilton  (1901-1968)
Watts, Bessie  (1902-1978)
Weaver, Alexander Richard  (1913-1977)
48 Bucknall Road
Sweet, John Joseph  (1870-1935)
Methodist Manse
res. of Mrs. Lawson
Oxlade, William Isaac Hector  (1896-1962)
Page, Evelyn  (about 1893-1964)
Sutherland Street
the residence of John Gibson
Gibson, Margaret Jane  (1887-1973)
Morgan, Herbert  (about 1883-)
the residence of Lucy Rosaline Pettman
the residence of Mrs. Grigg
Bilsborow, John Westbrook  (1870-1959)
Grigg, Louisa Lavinia  (about 1874-1941)
the residence of William Oxlade
Glanville Blocks
Glen Ellen
McEwen, Bridget  (1871-)
McEwen, Ellen  (1869-1876)
McEwen, Rose  (1874-1874)
McEwen, Teresa  (1874-1874)
Glen Hardy
the residence of Walter Guy Nottage
Haines, Sophia  (about 1880-1915)
Ward, Gerald  (1879-)
Glen Osmond
Baile, Hilary Marlyn  (about 1939-2009)
Cannell, Michael Beresford  (1939-2011)
Cook, Frederick George  (1911-1986)
Cunningham, John William  (1870-1950)
Dennis, Ena May  (1913-1996)
Ellis, Benjamin Arthur Christopher  (1886-1967)
Ellis, Mabel Rose Annie  (1884-1952)
Holton, Louisa  (1873-1968)
Pound, William  (about 1821-1899)
Woods, Alfred John  (1884-)
Boylan, Bernard  (about 1856-1931)
Little Sisters of the Poor
Case, Mary Teresa  (1868-1942)
St Pauls Retreat
St Saviour Church
Holton, Louisa  (1873-1968)
Picard, Charles John  (1873-1954)
St Saviours Anglican Cemetery
Barber, Hazel Thelma  (1899-1975)
Newland, James Stanley  (about 1898-1980)
St Saviours Church
Clerke, William Thomas Stephen  (1913-1998)
Picard, Agnes Fairlie  (1900-1979)
Ross, Errol  (about 1893-1964)
Stoddard, Gweneth Ethel  (1915-2003)
St Saviuor's
Wesleyan Church
Fairlie, Samuel Gibson  (1868-1953)
Leak, Annie Maria  (1868-1940)
Ashby, William Brownlow  (1866-1940)
Pluckrose, Mary Jane  (1873-1951)
Turnbull, Daniel  (1885-1983)