South Australia
Gawler South
Hill Street
the Church of the Configuration
Newman, Emily Mary Ann  (about 1875-)
Williams, Alfred Ernest  (1871-1942)
the residence of Mrs. Ann Turner
Jobke, Edith Emily Agnes  (about 1853-1938)
Turner, Robert Charles  (about 1852-1924)
Gawler Town
Veal, Murcey  (1857-1857)
Veale, Christopher  (1859-1911)
Veal, Murcey  (1857-1857)
Gawler West
Freak, Claude Howard  (1905-1980)
Veal(e), Richard  (about 1852-1886)
Woods, William Charles  (1882-)
Methodist Church
Milde, Dora  (about 1907-1948)
Sloan, Sidney Hamilton  (1900-1982)
residence of James Ives
Ellis, Benjamin  (about 1854-1942)
Veal, Elizabeth Jane  (1862-1924)
Buckenara, Thora  (1916-2003)
O'Loghlen, Mary Gertrude  (1890-1973)
Robinson, Laura Theresa  (1879-1951)
Baptist Manse
Chancellor, Jane  (about 1859-)
Somerville, Charles  (about 1852-)
St Mary's Church
Gepps Cross
German Creek
Orr, Peter  (1898-1985)
German Flat
the res of Frederick Henstridge
Henstridge, Emily  (1852-)
Widdison, Jonathon  (about 1836-1892)
Gilbert Town
Cummings, Owen Way  (1937-1943)
Goodenough, Melinda Elizabeth  (1892-1922)
Herreen, Thomas Meehan  (1877-1964)
Pearce, Edwin Ray  (1920-2006)
Pearce, Reginald Arthur  (1900-1977)
Pitman, John Gordon  (1924-1998)
Ragless, Effie May  (1878-1944)
Congregational Manse
Daniel, Dorothy May  (1899-1981)
Perry, Henry Charles  (1895-1968)
Methodist Manse
the residence of bride's parents
the residence of George Goodenough
Bevan, Joseph Henry  (1886-1977)
Purser, Ruth Harriet  (1899-1971)
the residence of Mr. Beilby
Boothey, Emily May  (about 1877-1959)
Matthews, Alfred  (about 1873-1956)
Giles Corner
Giles Flat
Silverthorne, John  (1858-1932)
Gilles Plains
Bolitho, Merlie May  (1905-1906)
Fairlie, William Hamilton  (1910-1968)
Magnus, Pearl Victoria  (1923-2005)
Nitschke, Sophie Linda  (1909-1987)
Wilkey, George  (1870-1947)
Wilkey, Gilbert  (1907-1972)
Wilkey, Jessie  (1906-1993)
Methodist Church
Hastelow, Edward John  (1903-)
Wilkey, Olive  (1903-1979)
BC Mission House
Bowen, William Levi  (about 1866-1946)
Lawry, Priscilla  (1866-1928)
Gladstone Cemetery
Couzner, Nancy  (1963-1963)
Couzner, Sandra  (1963-1963)
Flinn, Arthur Martin  (1890-1964)
Home of Mrs. Smith
Methodist Manse
Bradock, Alfred George  (1904-1983)
Dansie, Hilda Grace  (1895-1985)
Jolly, Esther Florence  (1906-1967)
Woodlands, George  (1888-1957)
St Albans Church
Yates, Vera Evelyn  (1904-1976)
Yeates, Arthur Percival  (1893-1966)
St Pater's Church
Hannagan, Andrew James  (about 1881-1960)
Landers, Eileen Mary  (about 1895-1955)
St Peter's Church
Case, Herbert Seth Joseph  (1886-1949)
Higgins, Elizabeth Ann  (about 1889-1961)
the Methodist Parsonage
Ellis, Evaline Hope  (about 1889-1983)
Evans, Henry Thomas  (1885-1955)
the residence of Samuel Lewsam
Chancellor, Emily Davis  (1861-1916)
Turner, Thomas  (about 1861-)
theresidence of James Duffy
Cock, Frank  (1899-1971)
Collins, Maurice Joseph  (1888-1959)
Roche, Thomas  (about 1898-1968)
Sallis, Cyril George Samuel  (1902-1979)
Sallis, Jean Elizabeth May  (1913-)
Stark, Claris May  (1917-1994)