South Australia
Church of Christ Manse
Townsend, James Baxter  (about 1885-1950)
Methodist Church
Davey, Beryl May  (1912-1978)
Faggotter, Arnold Stephen  (1904-1977)
Johnson, Aloyisius Ignatius  (about 1895-1971)
Matthews, Clarence Eli  (1899-1979)
Messenger, Percival Albert  (about 1893-)
Murch, Ida Emma  (1904-)
Sweet, Serena May  (1896-1964)
Symes, Ruby Alice  (1901-)
Methodist Manse
Kuchenmeister, Ivie Doreen  (1901-1989)
Strand, Carl Johan  (about 1887-)
Summers, Jane Forest  (1881-1934)
Tobin, Betsy Pettit  (1902-)
Wade, Walter Ernest  (1902-1973)
Wilson, Hurtle Gordon  (1886-1941)
Methodist Parsonage
Dixon, Gertrude Irene  (1892-1976)
Flaherty, Mary Agnes  (1890-1945)
Oxlade, Blanche Lydia  (1891-1968)
Oxlade, Hurtle George  (1889-1975)
Wilson, William Henry  (about 1886-1949)
Yates, Harry Harfield  (1893-1974)
Military Road
Hobbs, Fanny  (1851-1910)
Miss Hisbett's Nursing Home
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Jeffries, Edna May  (1913-1986)
Salmon, John Manus  (1904-1972)
Private Hospital
North, Hero Clair  (1862-1940)
Sacred Heart Church
St Bede's Church
St Bedes Church
Gibson, Hannah Hilda Agnes  (1912-1998)
Gilbert, William Percival  (about 1905-1955)
the Methodist Parsonage
Richards, George Frederick  (1894-1972)
Short, Ivy Emma  (1895-1975)
the residence of Mr. Price
Bowen, Henry Cubitt  (1854-)
Duffield, Mira  (about 1858-1926)
the residence of William Hernden Martin
Hepenstall, Emily  (1853-1917)
Price, William  (1852-1932)
Weslyan Methodist Church
Semaphore Park
Bath, Frederick  (about 1886-1967)
Bilsborow, Albert James  (1880-1955)
Bilsborow, Mary Ellen  (1868-1952)
Blundell, Harold Keith  (1923-1995)
Errey, Alice May  (about 1909-1998)
Gibson, Hannah Hilda Agnes  (1912-1998)
Jemson, Edgar Eric Errol  (about 1915-1996)
Knuppel, Julius Paul Wilhelm  (about 1884-1939)
Oxlade, Alma Vera May  (1904-1962)
Richards, George Frederick  (1894-1972)
Tabor, Alfred Ernest  (1902-1969)
Tabor, Maxwell  (1936-1936)
Tabor, Reginald  (1929-2004)
Wadrop, Evelyn Pearl  (1891-1967)
Semaphore South
Kerntke, John Howie  (1937-1975)
McEvoy, Evelyn Mary  (1919-2007)
Nelson, Alan Arnold  (1919-1999)
Hillard, Michael  (-2007)
Malycha, Mary Katherine  (1909-about 1931)
McEvoy, Catherine Agnes  (1886-1968)
Vogt, Barbara  (about 1866-1909)
Sevenhill Cemetery
Case, Catherine Lucy  (1849-1934)
Walsh, John Joseph  (1883-1952)
St Aloyisius
Callaghan, Margaret Ryan  (about 1870-1925)
McEvoy, Bernard Patrick  (1879-1966)
St Aloysius Cemetery
St Aloysius Church
Malycha, Constantia  (1852-1927)
Rucioch, Casimir  (1852-1898)
the old part of the Sevenhill Cemetery
Sevenhill East
Polomka, Stanislaus  (1907-1966)
Primitive Methodist Church
Sherrah, Mary  (1876-)
Young, Edwin  (1873-)
Cummings, Annie Josephine Phyllis  (1909-1913)
Cummings, Avis Rose  (1913-1996)
Cummings, Elizabeth  (about 1931-1932)
Cummings, Eric Leon  (about 1929-1929)
Cummings, Joseph Benjamin  (1864-1942)
Cummings, Joseph Francis  (1827-1907)
Cummings, Leo  (1867-1929)
Cummings, Leo  (1935-1959)
Fry, Ellen  (about 1837-1895)
Harris, Emily Honorah  (1870-1947)
Hurrell, Janice Oakley  (1941-1994)
Hurrell, Leonora  (1941-2007)
Hurrell, Victor Melville  (1909-1980)
Oakley, Annie Morris  (1830-1920)
Roberts, Daniel Kenny  (1910-1979)
Winstanley, Roddis William  (1897-1937)