South Australia
Boarding House
Conical Hill
Lake Hamilton Area
Cummings, Annie  (1872-1943)
Cummings, Leo  (1867-1929)
res of bride's father
Hurrell, Arthur Henry  (1887-1975)
Roberts, Sarah Louisa  (1890-1967)
res. of Joseph Cummings, Black Hill Farm
Cook, Henry James  (about 1860-1897)
Cummings, Josephine Frances  (1862-1932)
Sheringa Cemetery
St John's Anglican Church
St John's Church
Cook, Ida Emily  (1894-1966)
Cummings, Avis Rose  (1913-1996)
Cummings, Eric Victor  (1902-1972)
Cummings, Joseph Britton  (1905-1978)
Cummings, Leo  (1935-1959)
Cummings, Leo Francis Way  (1903-1985)
Cummings, Leonora Oakley  (1901-1993)
Dearman, Jessie Grace  (1898-1975)
Hurrell, Janice Oakley  (1941-1994)
Hurrell, Leonora  (1941-2007)
Hurrell, Victor Melville  (1909-1980)
Russell, Eleanor Annie  (about 1900-1971)
Tree, Phyllis Jean  (1908-)
Weston, Phyllis Mae  (1914-1994)
Williams, Mary Catherine  (1907-2003)
Winstanley, Allan Hennesey  (about 1894-1991)
Winstanley, Clarence Roy  (1900-1974)
the annual athletic sports day
the residence of R H Winstanley
Cabot, William Phillip  (about 1867-1953)
Winstanley, Lelia  (1867-1941)
the residence of the bride
Harwood, Mary Elizabeth  (1870-1964)
Williams, Thomas Allen  (about 1862-1948)
the residence of William Philip Cabot
Cabot, Mary  (about 1874-1965)
Winstanley, Reuben Hennesey  (1869-1960)
Austin, Alice  (1861-1928)
Sleeps Hill
Nayda, Percy Paul  (1899-1954)
Sliding Rock
Ridgway, Charles  (about 1822-1888)
Ridgway, Lucy Ida  (1880-)
Ridgway, William  (1846-1888)
Robinson, Ann  (about 1823-1886)
Rose Garden in the Smithfield Cemetery
Best, Karen Coral  (1969-2007)
Smithfield Memorial Park
Clarke, Leonard James  (1913-1990)
St Canice Church
Bullock, Ruby Maude  (1898-1973)
McEvoy, Vincent Anthony  (1897-1963)
the Methodist Church
Sod Hut, Burra District
Broad, Mary Teresa  (1869-about 1953)