South Australia
7 Prospect Terrace
74 Myrtle Street
8 Alexander Street
Fairlie, William Hamilton  (1893-1966)
Woodfine, Annie Elizabeth  (about 1898-1983)
84 Alexandra St
88 Highbury Street
Fairlie, John  (1886-1972)
Morris, Charlotte Marion  (about 1886-1972)
Aston Private Hospital
Badenoch, Joseph  (1869-1941)
Church of Christ
Highbury Street Methodist Church
Holy Rosary Church
Kiakora Nursing Home
Methodist Church
Methodist Church, Highbury Street
Dale, Linda Grace  (about 1907-1994)
Shearer, Clifford George Tregea  (1905-1991)
Methodist Manse
Fairlie, William Hamilton  (1893-1966)
Mastersson, Ida Isabel Irene  (about 1910-1954)
Wilkey, Walter John  (1905-1983)
Woodfine, Annie Elizabeth  (about 1898-1983)
Methodist Parsonage
Charlesworth, David  (1908-1975)
Durant, Ethel Clare  (1908-1998)
Smith, Henry James  (1908-1990)
Williamson, Joyce Chrispina  (1901-1988)
Presbyterian Church
Dunstan, Edwin Tremayne  (about 1886-)
Gray, Mary Elsie May  (1886-1936)
Prospect North Methodist Church
Adolfsson, Mavis Agnes  (1917-)
March, Frederick Roy  (1915-1989)
Norman, Ruth  (1918-2008)
Pyle, Maxwell Thomas  (1917-2001)
res of W. Hawke
Cox, Benjamin  (1891-1967)
Hearne, Archibald Kinglake  (1883-1964)
Renfrey, Sylvia Annie Iona  (1885-1967)
Tregeagle, Ida  (1892-1971)
res. of Mr. Wilson
Brandon, Samuel Herbert  (1853-1931)
Norley, Fanny  (1860-1931)
St Cuthbert Church
Hawthorne, Horace Charles  (about 1873-1951)
Parker, Charlotte  (1871-1952)
St Cuthbert's Church
Batup, Frederick John  (about 1888-1939)
Clarke, Leonard James  (1913-1990)
Kilford, Pearl Adelaide  (1895-before 2003)
Stevens, Barbara Ella  (1916-)
St Cuthberts Church
St Georges Private Hospital, Fitzroy Terrace
St Georgs Park Nursing Home, Fitzroy Terrace
the Methodist Church
the residence of H. B. Potter
the residence of John Thomas Sharp
the residence of Mrs. C. Williamson
the residence of Reverend I.A. Paternoster
the residence of S Lenton
Casson, Herbert  (1876-)
Thompson, Ellen  (1878-)
the residence of the bride's parents
Liston, Mary Ann  (1873-1953)
Shearer, James Henry  (1872-1951)
the residence of the bride's sister
Jonsson, Eva  (1884-1962)
Thorne, Sydney  (about 1882-1965)
Prospect Hill
Warren, Dulcie May  (1900-1985)
Prospect North
Methodist Church
Arnold, Walter Ralph  (1905-1955)
Chenoweth, Olive Beryl  (about 1906-)
Crowhurst, Gordon Harold  (about 1913-1972)
Gray, Emily May  (1913-1972)
Prospect Village
Ward, Lucy Harriet  (1851-1946)
accidently drowned in the River Murray
Edmonds, Craig Andrew  (about 1969-1997)
in the residence of A. R. Kammermann
Kammermann, Margaret  (1919-2010)
Siviour, Cephas Clyde  (1911-1999)
Barry, Auberon Vivian Lancelot  (1913-1958)
Barry, Clement Charles  (1914-1962)
Barry, Lorna May  (1919-1919)
Barry, Violet Lorna May  (1920-1989)
Batt, William Herbert  (1890-1954)
Bowen, Myra Louisa  (1879-1952)
Brewer, Magdelina Elizabeth Frances  (1881-)
Cannell, Phoebe Edith  (1872-1965)
Carter, Norma Edith  (1931-1933)
Chapman, Percy Edward  (about 1900-1957)
Crowe, Robert Henry  (1916-1992)
Dealtry, Herbert Charles Leon  (1904-1962)
Foote, George Alfred  (about 1893-1956)
Hall, Owen  (about 1907-1941)
Hannaford, Elizabeth  (about 1851-1926)
Hill, Sydney Edward  (1932-1990)
Jeffries, Hurtle Robert  (1887-1956)
Parry, Horace Hilton  (1898-1971)
Reed, Thomas Frank  (1899-1955)
Reed, William Jonathon  (about 1870-1922)
Wilkins, Emily Ann  (1864-1941)
Williams, Albert Robert  (1888-1944)
Williams, Percival Absalom Leonard  (1911-)