South Australia
Ashwin Parade
Oxlade, Thomas George  (1856-1938)
Queen of Angels Vestry
Beaglehole, James  (about 1881-1959)
Hynes, Mildred Mary  (about 1891-1952)
Queen of the Angels Church
Salvation Army Hall
Gray, Lillian Ada  (1885-1968)
Richards, George Arthur Clarke  (about 1874-1922)
the Methodist Church
Usher, Frederick William  (about 1883-1960)
Whardall, Ada  (about 1884-1924)
the residence of J Butterfield
Butterfield, Florence Louisa  (1880-1954)
Gaffney, Patrick Joseph  (about 1880-1957)
the residence of the bride
West Thebarton Road
Jeffries, Edna May  (1913-1986)
Thebarton West
Third Creek
Talbot, Louisa  (1886-)
Thistle Beds
the residence of John Morgan
Morgan, Emily  (1866-1940)
Williams, Daniel Edward  (1863-1939)
Thorndon Park
Smith, Pearl Frances  (1918-1970)
res of William Keen
Keen, Naomi  (about 1867-1905)
Phillips, Stephen John  (about 1859-1942)
Tod River
Fulkes, Mary Ann  (about 1837-1900)
Alcorn, Elizabeth  (1881-1882)
Alcorn, Rebecca  (1883-1970)
Lawry, Ellen  (1873-1957)
Lawry, Judith Emma  (1871-1872)
Kelsh, Frank Prestige  (1867-1906)
Toorak Gardens
Brooks, Ronald Roy  (about 1914-1962)
Cowan, Catherine Jane  (about 1850-1938)
Hearne, Kenneth Kinglake  (1922-2004)
Prior, Edward  (1850-1926)
Evans, Percival Walter  (about 1874-1954)
Torrens Park
Torrens Vale
Mitchell, Samuel Fred  (1885-1965)
Bald Hills
Staples, Harriet  (about 1822-1868)
Alcorn, Clarice Amelia  (1920-1920)
Battersby, Mercia Alice  (1901-1988)
Edwards, Fanny Amelia  (1875-1925)
Ellis, Esther Eliza Jane  (1881-1962)
Gould, Mary Isabella  (1859-1920)
Gregory, Douglas  (about 1900-1972)
Kentish, Herbert David  (1863-1933)
Moody, Shirley Mabel  (1928-)
Page, William Henry  (1873-1962)
Treagus, Daniel  (1906-1971)
Wiese, William John  (1877-1956)
Chapman Street
Congregational Church
Hutchinson Street
the Methodist Parsonage
Curnow, Norman  (1897-1985)
Whibley, Lorna Clarice  (1902-1994)
the residence of C. H. Haris
Deering, Frederick Arthur  (about 1894-1979)
Kirkland, Ruby Myrtle  (1891-1983)
West Terrace Cemetery
Page, William Henry  (1873-1962)
Tothills Creek
Trial Hill
Wilson, John  (1859-)
Wilson, Phillis  (1860-)
Wilson, Thomas Allan  (1862-1956)
Trinity Gardens
Austwick, Sydney  (about 1898-1969)
Davies, Sombra Delores  (1926-1993)
Gough, Albert Philip  (about 1862-1949)
Haydock, Hazel May  (about 1911-1990)
Cash, Mary Teresa  (1853-1941)
Kenny, Daniel Thomas  (about 1850-1934)
Trunkena on Coorong
Methodist Church
Baird, James  (1867-1955)
Brooks, Mary Elizabeth  (1899-1990)
Irvine, Vera Mary Phyllis  (1896-1988)
Nitschke, Johann August  (about 1856-1941)
O'Brien, Elizabeth  (about 1826-1865)
Taylor, Margaret  (1868-1950)
Congregational Church
Irvine, Vera Mary Phyllis  (1896-1988)
Patterson, Leslie Clifford  (about 1894-1967)
Pine Hut near
Zimmermann, Anna Elizabeth  (1871-about 1956)
the residence of Robert Leeds Coward Barton
Devlin, James Burnard  (about 1858-1938)
Hartwig, Mary Louisa  (about 1870-)
Truro Cemetery
Mader, Marie Ida  (about 1876-1955)