South Australia
Rose Park
Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital
St Theodore's Church
St Theodores Church
Brown, Claude John  (about 1890-)
Ware, Grace Mary  (1905-)
the residence of Minister R.K. Finlayson
Reeves, Emily  (1875-1942)
Wilson, Hector James  (1874-1924)
the residence of Rev G Davidson
Methodist Church
Barry, Amy Alice Eunice  (1921-1986)
Brunstrom, Albert Mathias  (about 1904-1976)
Chace, Catherine Marian Herminna  (1905-1993)
Chace, Edith Elizabeth Alice  (1902-1989)
Chace, Mavis Ethel  (1910-1966)
Chace, Rose Emily  (1908-1981)
Fairlie, Gertrude Marion  (1895-1983)
Gray, Joan Elaine  (1926-)
Hobbs, Robert Leslie  (1915-1977)
Kirkland, Albert Robert  (1896-1969)
Kirkland, Alfred Robert  (1867-1969)
Kirtland, George Mark  (1906-1981)
Le Leu, Joan  (1917-)
Mark, Tim  (1910-1910)
Mark, William Stephen  (1909-1989)
McEwen, Mary Catherine  (1914-1947)
McGrath, William Daniel  (1900-1901)
Oxlade, Etta Violet Emily  (1899-1978)
Oxlade, Rosetta Edith Ethel  (1884-1967)
Royals, Walter Ernest  (1898-1974)
Selway, Gilbert Ernest Henry  (1899-1979)
Walker, Theresa Dorothy  (1899-1976)
Walsh, Margaret  (1890-1976)
Williamson, Gwynetth Emily  (1918-2008)
Wilson, Annie Elizabeth Reeves  (1905-2003)
her home, 101 Grand Junction Road
Mt Carmel Hostel, Torrens Road
Osborn, Ella Coraline  (1912-2015)
the residence of H Rehn
Parker, Eliza  (1873-1911)
Rehn, Herbert Henry  (about 1876-1933)
the residence of the brides parents
Rosewater Gardens
Carter, Norma Edith  (1931-1933)
Gilbert, William Percival  (about 1905-1955)
Crooks, Reta May  (1901-1985)
Keane, Margaret Alice  (1890-1972)
Linke, Doreen Mavis  (1916-)
Rosslyn Park
Villis, Emma  (1844-1935)
162 The Parade
Lawrence, Edgar Joseph  (1906-1997)
Truan, Edith Fanny  (1904-1933)
Rostrevor College Chapel
Beaglehole, James  (1926-1995)
Kelly, Sheila Mary  (1926-2005)
Royal Park
Duffield, Mira  (about 1858-1926)
Elliott, Hilda Violet  (1914-1999)
Hobbs, Robert Leslie  (1915-1977)
Lawson, Jane Lydia Lacey  (1897-1965)
Lynch, Alfred Roy  (1920-1987)
Magnus, James Oliver  (1920-1989)
Methodist Church
Butler, Ralph Harry  (about 1910-1999)
Case, Elsie Florence  (1911-2005)
Wattle Ave
Roach, Graham John  (1939-1998)
Royston Park
79 Battams Road
Vickers, Alice Holly  (1891-1961)
Brandon, Lindsay Herbert  (1918-1998)
Hampel, Johann Wilhelm Carl  (about 1865-1956)
residence of J.W.C.Hampel
Brandon, George Henry  (1892-1971)
Hampel, Ida Charlotte  (1892-1976)
Arnold, Florence Jane  (1916-2006)
Butchers Gap
Carslake, Cecelia Florence Selena  (1917-2002)
Clifton, Allan Douglas  (1924-1989)
Clifton, Lindsay George  (1900-1958)
French, Jane  (1859-1923)
Goddard, Charles Wilfred  (about 1905-1969)
Gregory, Henrietta Jessie Maud  (1883-)
Gregory, Lilly May  (1882-)
Hall, Dale Allen  (1915-)
Judd, Elsie May  (1882-)
Kennewell, Gerwyn Dudley  (about 1910-1988)
Lake, Dorothy May  (about 1911-)
Lines, Percy William  (1875-1952)
Menadue, Doris Jean  (1920-2004)
Murch, James  (about 1820-1860)
Murch, Mary Jane  (1867-1891)
Olsson, Glen Melville  (1924-1996)
Williamson, George Alfred James  (1898-1950)
Winter, Thomas William Edward  (1926-2011)