South Australia
the residence of Henry Evans
Davey, Martin Wallis  (about 1861-1919)
Evans, Ellen Marianne  (1861-1934)
Evans, Julia Antonia  (1854-1937)
Evans, Maria Ann  (1850-1906)
Randell, Henry Arthur  (about 1858-1938)
Todd, Alfred John  (about 1848-)
the residence of John Cahill
the residence of John Randall
Randall, Mary Priscilla Eva  (1856-1918)
Take, Sunmun  (about 1853-1878)
the residence of Joseph Sleep
the residence of Mr Jennings
the residence of Mr Uren
Garrett, Magi May  (1884-1970)
Pascall, Thomas Ernest  (1885-1957)
the residence of Mrs Evans
Evans, Florence Minnie  (1868-)
Knight, William  (about 1871-)
the residence of Mrs McCullagh
Kemp, Hildegard Hallowease  (1907-1990)
Winter, Thomas  (1899-1955)
the residence of Mrs. Thomas
the residence of Reverend E. G. Day
Bennett, John Hancock  (1863-1929)
Brown, Mary  (about 1868-)
Fairlie, James  (1866-)
Hunt, Samuel  (about 1850-)
Isbell, Waldron Richard Tristram  (1865-1937)
Lovell, Emma Maud  (1868-1945)
Ware, Mary Louisa  (about 1869-1928)
Wilson, Agnes Christina  (1870-1959)
the residence of Reverend Garner
Perry, James Douglas  (1806-1904)
Wauhop, Susan  (1831-1910)
the residence of Reverend L. Thorne
Banks, Edith Eliza  (1867-1941)
Redden, William John  (1872-1944)
the residence of Reverend S. Mead
Perry, Thomas Samuel  (1849-1911)
Wright, Mary  (about 1855-1940)
the residence of Reverend W. Janzow
the residence of the Archbishop
the residence of the Bridegroom
the residence of W Blake
the residence of W. Grunert
Grunert, Frederick William Paul  (about 1871-1911)
Wilson, Ethel May  (1883-1966)
the residence of William Pearce
Pearce, Reginald Arthur  (1900-1977)
Purser, Elsie May  (1896-1959)
the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Alchin, Alice  (1886-1954)
Alexander, William James  (about 1871-1937)
Case, Mary Maud  (1918-2008)
Couzner, Ronald Brian  (1926-2009)
Cummings, Murray Roscoe  (1935-2007)
Cummings, Sydney Boyd  (1935-2011)
Dunne, James  (1927-1994)
Haines, Roselyn Edith  (1917-1977)
Lines, Percy William  (1875-1952)
Maple, Adelaide Frances  (1872-1951)
Maynard, Kathleen Maud  (about 1880-1942)
Morris, Myrtle Evelyn  (about 1886-1945)
North, Audrey Joyce  (1922-2003)
Valkema, Bernard  (1866-)
the Sappers' Cottages, Park Lands
Fairlie, John  (about 1808-1879)