South Australia
Catholic Church
O'Brien, Norah Maud  (about 1892-1976)
Symes, Martin Vincent  (1887-1969)
Congregational Church
Gawler Area
Case, Esther Mary  (1846-1926)
Case, Francis Michael  (1852-1917)
Case, Isaac Phillip  (1854-1930)
his residence
Cundy, Edward Victor  (1904-1971)
Cundy, George Edward  (about 1877-1958)
Freak, Howard  (1871-1937)
Lawry, Ellen  (1873-1957)
Symes, Frederick Joseph  (1891-1962)
Williams, Alfred Ernest  (1871-1942)
Hutchinson Hospital
Burrows, Annie Victoria  (1861-1926)
Leak, Annie Maria  (1868-1940)
Mountstephen, John Charles  (about 1860-1948)
Sloan, John  (1868-1954)
Methodist Church
Fairlie, Daniel Keith  (1902-1991)
Siostrom, Doreen Ruby  (about 1907-1972)
Southern Cross Care
McEwen, Thomas  (about 1832-1899)
Starr, Ellen  (about 1839-1906)
St George Church
Veal, Mary  (1864-)
Woods, William  (about 1855-)
St George's Church
Baker, Henry George  (about 1847-1912)
Bennett, Susanna  (about 1840-)
Burrows, Annie Victoria  (1861-1926)
Coxell, Vivian Phyllis  (about 1901-1977)
Edwards, John  (1871-)
Evans, Andrew  (about 1856-1934)
Fisher, John Frederick  (about 1828-1878)
Hards, John  (about 1835-1878)
Knibbs, Elizabeth Ann  (1865-1917)
Selway, Clifford Donald  (1902-1969)
Slattery, Hannah Harriet Kathleen  (1898-1969)
Turner, Mary Jane  (about 1840-1901)
Veale, Arthur Albert Richard  (1900-1973)
Williams, Absalom Henry  (1857-1917)
Williams, Eliza Ann  (1858-1940)
Williams, Lois  (1860-1945)
Yeates, Ellen  (1882-1917)
St George's Rectory
St Peter & Paul Church
Case, Catherine Lucy  (1849-1934)
Herreen, James Edward  (1847-1936)
Mahoney, John  (about 1844-about 1875)
Meehan, Ellen Cecelia  (1850-1903)
the Catholic Presbytery
Carmody, Elizabeth  (1859-1919)
Symes, Frederick Walter  (1851-1927)
the Methodist Church
Cundy, Edward Victor  (1904-1971)
Kennewell, Gerwyn Dudley  (about 1910-1988)
Mitchell, Alma Phyllis  (about 1911-)
Winckel, Mavis Muriel  (1913-2005)
the Primitive Methodist Manse
Selway, John Henry  (about 1863-1942)
Williams, Alice  (1868-1950)
the Registry Office
Haines, George  (about 1840-)
Haines, Mary Ann  (1858-)
the residence of Absalom Williams
the residence of Mr. Pope
Howard, Ann Elizabeth  (about 1839-)
Murch, James Gibbings  (about 1841-1906)
Wesleyan Chapel
Smith, Charles Thomas  (about 1841-)
Welden, Georgina Elizabeth  (about 1847-)
Gawler Blocks
Gawler East
the residence of Absolom Williams
Foreman, John Henry  (about 1873-)
Williams, Edith Adelaide  (1878-1942)
the residence of Bride's father
Crosbie, Allan  (1856-)
Williams, Lydia  (1862-)
the residence of John H Whitford
Veale, Percy Henry  (1890-1961)
Whitford, Eva Adelaide  (1893-1978)
the residence of Mr Williams
Cundy, George Edward  (about 1877-1958)
Williams, Agnes  (1880-1974)
Gawler Hills
Case, Ellen Jane  (1862-1934)
Kentish, Herbert David  (1863-1933)
Starr, Mary Ellen  (1863-1864)
Veal(e), Rubina May  (1895-1895)
Veale, Christopher  (1859-1911)
Veale, Elsie Eliza  (1894-1916)
Veale, Florence Jane  (1896-1898)
Veale, Thomas Charles Henry  (1892-1941)
Veal, Annie  (1901-1901)
Starr, Bridget  (1864-)
Gawler Plains
Casson, Thomas  (1862-1950)
Cook, Adeline Ellen  (1875-1913)
Gawler River
Goodger, Rebecca  (1865-1903)
Keane, Margaret Alice  (1890-1972)
Symes, Frederick Joseph  (1891-1962)
Winckel, Mavis Muriel  (1913-2005)
the residence of I Roediger