the Brompton Parish
Laird, Bessie Agnes  (about 1885-1964)
Adams, William
Anderson, Kathleen  (about 1901-1963)
Ball, Annette Teresa  (about 1874-1954)
Beavis, Walter Frederick  (about 1861-1931)
Day, Emily  (1870-)
Estall, Eliza Hannah  (about 1834-about 1919)
Giles, Daisy  (about 1898-)
Giles, Frederick  (about 1872-)
Gowman, Julia Mabel Grace  (about 1883-about 1938)
Illig, Herbert Maxwell F  (1907-1994)
Le Marchant, Denis Hannavelle  (1899-about 1973)
Marcy, Pamela A. G. N.  (1918-1938)
Seath, Eleanor Maude  (1899-1990)
43 Brooke Street
Mile End
St Luke's Church
Gibson, Sarah Elizabeth  (about 1891-)
Orrow, Lewis Ernest  (1888-1918)
Notting Hill
24 Stebbings Street
Hunter, Martha  (1826-about 1912)
All Saints
Linscott, Marjorie Tamblyn  (1897-about 1979)
St Colomb
Linscott, Cyril Sydney James  (about 1900-1964)
Old Kent Road
Eades, William  (about 1855-about 1910)
Tower Road
Edmonds, Gertrude  (about 1850-about 1914)
Ebsworth, George  (about 1831-about 1885)
Finch, Dora Mary  (about 1888-about 1969)
Hawkes, Harold Edwin  (about 1882-)
Hughes, Ethel
Linscott, Herbert Davey  (about 1863-1946)
Mann, Charles  (about 1898-)
Seath, James  (about 1853-about 1936)
Seath, Leslie Mark  (about 1913-about 1999)
Seath, Thomas James  (about 1891-about 1894)
Summers, Edwina May  (about 1902-)
10 Park Place Villas
Market Street
Dunn, James Walter  (about 1851-)
Dunn, Thomas James  (about 1833-)
Withers, Anne  (1828-about 1898)
St Augustine
Hobbs, Frances Maud  (about 1879-about 1949)
Pearce, George  (about 1878-about 1955)
Smith, Edward Johnson  (about 1834-about 1898)
Holben, George Albert  (1923-1997)
Edmonds, Ethel May  (about 1892-)
Edmonds, Frederick Alexander  (1897-1974)
Swain, Catherine Lucy  (about 1866-1949)
Tilliduff, Alma Dorothy Honor  (about 1896-about 1898)
Tilliduff, Charles Prudden  (about 1867-1953)
Tilliduff, Enid Kathleen  (1903-)
Tilliduff, Ruby Constance  (1892-1983)
Waller, George Henry  (about 1890-1978)
St Margaret's
Saint Marylebone
Saint Mary
Dunford, John  (about 1770-)
Smith, Honor Fanny  (about 1894-1970)
Saint Leonard's
Cannell, Edward Gurney  (1801-1828)
Larner, Phoebe  (1800-1881)
Charterhouse School
South Kensington
Miller, Nellie Adelaide  (about 1892-1964)
Newington St Mary
Trinder, Alberta Nellie Louisa  (about 1897-)
Tunstell, Sydney James  (about 1890-about 1961)
the Parish Church of St. Mary Newington
Southwark St Saviour
Adams, Mabel Emmaline  (1892-1978)
Knight, Henry Charles  (about 1867-about 1940)
Welch, Sarah Ann  (about 1868-about 1935)
Christ Church
St Bride's Church, Fleet Street
Craighead, Richard Talbot  (about 1821-about 1890)
Stevens, Sarah Ann  (about 1821-)
St John's Wood
Seath, Alexander Fraser  (about 1897-1983)
St Martin
St Martin District
St Martin's
Carter, May Durham  (1880-)
Darby, Elizabeth J  (1866-1924)
Graves, Herbert James  (1880-)
Kirton, Walter  (1866-1937)
Russell, Marjorie Mildred  (about 1890-1917)
Tangye, Wilfred Noel  (1877-1962)
St Pancras
Beckingham, Albert Herbert  (1897-)
Beckingham, Ernest Leonard  (1900-)
Beckingham, Henry  (1899-)
Beckingham, William Henry  (1891-about 1946)
Beckingham, William Henry Alexander  (1861-about 1939)
Goodman, Violet Maud  (about 1908-about 1993)
Higgins, William Joseph  (about 1876-)
Keyworth, Jessie Susan  (about 1880-)
Lynch, Alice Winifred  (about 1906-)
Smith, Annie Elizabeth  (about 1868-about 1933)
Twyman, Gertrude Constance  (about 1891-1956)
Watson, Joseph Thomas  (about 1863-)
Watts, Violet M  (1895-)
St Saviour Southwark
Barber, Mary Winifred  (about 1910-)
the Principal Registry
Doubleday, William  (about 1807-1886)
Whitehead, Joseph  (about 1807-1875)