South Australia
1 William Street
Herreen, James Edward  (1847-1936)
29 Elizabeth Street
31 Fisher Street
Church of Christ
Clayton Manse
Fairlie, Agnes McCulloch  (1838-1910)
Ough, William Fox  (about 1837-1896)
Anderson, Florence Helen  (about 1906-1926)
Bennett, John Harold  (1892-1972)
Duncan, Laura Ellen  (about 1857-1908)
Gray, Abel William Roy  (1903-1976)
Noble, Cecil Frederick Gilbert  (1900-1947)
Slee, Sarah Ann Emily  (1891-1950)
Whiley, William Arthur Leslie  (1907-1966)
Manresa Catholic Presbytery
Moyle, Thelma Victoria  (1909-1973)
Powditch, William John Joseph  (about 1906-1966)
Manresa House
Methodist Church, Parade
Austwick, Sydney  (about 1898-1969)
Faggotter, Leala Melvina  (1902-1997)
Methodist Manse
Noble, Lillian Elsie  (1904-1976)
Parry, Horace Hilton  (1898-1971)
Methodist Manse, Kensington Tce.
Miss Wilson's Hospital, Kent Street
Dutton, George Hugh  (1880-1908)
PM Church
Duncan, Marianne  (about 1872-1935)
Gray, William Robert  (1877-1952)
Saint Ignatius
Campbell, Mary Farina  (about 1895-1978)
Case, Felix  (1898-1978)
Case, John Howard  (1903-1973)
Saints Church
St Bartholemew Church
Pyle, Arthur  (1880-1966)
White, Maud Elizabeth  (1881-1945)
St Bartholemew's Church
Hill, Edward Norman Alex  (about 1899-1968)
Noble, Gwendoline Amelia  (1906-1996)
St Bartholemewa Church
Koster, Federal Century  (1900-1972)
Noble, Freta Eva  (1901-1966)
St Bartholemews Church
St Bartholomew's Church
Rice, William Henry Stephen  (about 1912-2005)
Tregeagle, Avice Irene  (1912-2000)
St Giles Presbyterian Church
St Ignatius Church
Braun, Pretoria May  (1900-)
Collins, Eugene Richard  (1899-deceased)
Cook, Annie Francis  (1889-1958)
Crowley, John James  (about 1899-1982)
Fairlie, Ivy Dorothy Eileen  (1896-1977)
Fisher, Gladys Audrey May  (1909-1995)
Geharty, Edwin Alfred  (about 1870-1922)
Hickey, Harold John  (1893-1954)
Isbell, William John  (1898-1970)
Kildea, Robert John  (1910-)
McPhee, Elsie Beatrice  (1899-1976)
Pound, Olive Lavinia  (1895-1949)
Rynne, John Bernard  (1888-1964)
Thomson, Mary Margaret  (about 1892-1970)
Waller, Agnes  (1880-1943)
Williams, Leonard Alfred  (1892-)
the Church of Christ of the LDS
the Registry Office
Jones, Edith Frances  (1883-1972)
Wilkey, Alfred Ernest  (1878-1957)
the residence of Alexander Randall
the residence of District Register
Symons, Mary Jane  (about 1869-1950)
Tunn, William  (1857-1933)
the residence of H. C. Downes
Downes, Claude Henry  (about 1893-1937)
Selway, Amelia Alice Pearl  (1889-1961)
the residence of Jane Hunt
Hunt, Jane  (about 1852-1908)
Murch, Stephen  (1877-1952)
the residence of Mr Charles Kidney
Lockwood, Ethel May  (1897-1976)
Miell, George James Watts  (about 1878-)
the residence of Reverend F. W. Basedow
Kohl, Julia Annie  (1884-1953)
Randall, Alfred George  (1881-1951)
Wesleyan Church
Norwood Park
Not recorded
The Murray/Burra District
Blight, John  (1854-1919)
Novar Gardens
Mair, Barry Davidson  (1928-1997)
Devlin, James Burnard  (about 1858-1938)
Linke, Johann Wilhelm  (about 1852-1936)
Turner, Charles Henry  (1876-1956)
Whylie, Edward Gordon  (1904-1942)