South Australia
Hundred of Butler
Hundred of Cavenagh
Goodes, Ethel Gertrude  (about 1882-)
Hundred of Colton
Kenny, Annie Teresa  (1896-1979)
Kenny, Ellen Marjory  (1898-)
Kenny, Leo Joseph  (1902-1980)
Kenny, Magdalene Irene  (1906-1907)
Kenny, Mary Philomena  (1901-1948)
Kenny, Matthew Dillon  (1889-1961)
Kenny, Patrick Esmond  (1891-1958)
Kenny, Peter Paul  (1895-1960)
McCracken, Elma Grace  (1916-1973)
McKenzie, Violet Edith  (1894-1957)
North, Theodore  (1886-1901)
Washington, Frank David  (1885-)
Glen Kenny
Kenny, Nora  (1886-1968)
Hundred of Coomooroo
Section 52
Case, Isaac Phillip  (1854-1930)
Section 53
Case, Francis Michael  (1852-1917)
Hundred of Ettrick
Hundred of Forrest
Hundred of Forster
Scrubby Flat
Hundred of Goode
Lymn, Reta Rosetta  (1911-1988)
Hundred of Gregory
Hundred of Gumbowie
Townsend, Thomas  (1891-1964)
Hundred of Homburg
Dearman, Jessie Grace  (1898-1975)
Hundred of Hutchinson
Hundred of Kulpara
Hundred of Miltalie
Hundred of Mitchell
Hundred of Morgan
Couzner, Elsie Maud  (1888-1954)
Couzner, John James  (1888-1968)
Hundred of Oladdie
Stone, Stephen David  (1884-1931)
Hundred of Para Wurlie
Hayes, Percival Mark  (1886-1942)
Hundred of Parnaroo
Hundred of Pearce
District of Flinders
Roberts, Sarah Louisa  (1890-1967)
Hundred of Pinbong
Hundred of Pinda
the residence of Stephen Cook
Cook, Adeline Ellen  (1875-1913)
Hitch, Robert  (1867-1947)
Hundred of Pirie
Hundred of Playford
Matthews, Clarence Eli  (1899-1979)
Ware, Edward Lane  (1898-1951)
Hundred of Rounsevell
Winstanley, Hero  (1901-1983)
Winstanley, Leila  (1903-1991)
Hundred of Scott
res of William Campbell
Campbell, Ellen Mary  (1885-1979)
Herreen, Thomas Meehan  (1877-1964)
Hundred of Squire
Cook, Percy Pascoe  (1895-1988)
Terre Station
Cook, Henry James  (about 1860-1897)
Hundred of Stokes
Provis, Ella May  (1889-1966)
Siviour, Arthur William  (1909-1991)
residence of G. Provis, "Urana"
Hundred of Talia
Hundred of Terowie
Olman, John  (1863-1909)
Hundred of Travers
North, Herbert Austin  (1892-1983)
Hundred of Wallaway
Stone, Isaac Thomas  (1869-1905)
Hundred of Ward
North, Harold Edmund  (1890-1955)
North, Leo Clair  (1888-1958)
North, Theodore  (1886-1901)
Symes, Edith Annie  (1893-1989)
Symes, Lillian Roberta  (1901-)
Symes, Ruby Alice  (1901-)
North Park
North, Alexander Clair  (1886-1970)
North, Myrtle Cicely  (1888-1971)
Hundred of Waterloo
Hundred of Way
Black Hill Farm
Cummings, Eric Victor  (1902-1972)
Pine Hut Farm
Hundred of Whyte
Kelly, Charles Foolks  (about 1862-1929)
Hundred of Willochra
Smyth, Elizabeth Sarah  (about 1851-1925)
Hundred of Willowie
Hundred of Witera
residence of George North
Hundred of Wonna
Blight, Evelyn Gertrude  (1890-1938)
Blight, Leonard John  (1894-1967)
Blight, Nellie Jane  (1887-1959)
Hundred of Wright
Wheaton, Doris Eileen  (1906-1988)
Hurtle Vale
Hyde Park
King William Road
Alchin, Alice  (1886-1954)
Phillips, Stephen John  (about 1859-1942)
Lobban, James Douglas  (1907-1964)
Ingle Farm