South Australia
Anderson, William  (1840-1925)
Pewsey Vale
Gilbert, Jane  (1848-1936)
St Thomas Church
Gilbert, Jane  (1848-1936)
Stirling, Edward Charles  (1848-1919)
Phillip Ponds Station
Davis, John Henry  (1859-1884)
Piednippie Catholic Cemetery
Herreen, Teresa  (1927-1927)
McDonald, Peter Patrick  (1880-1944)
Piednippie Cemetery
Piednippie Private Cemetery
Cash, Mary Teresa  (1853-1941)
Herreen, Mary Teresa  (1869-1893)
Meehan, Ellen Cecelia  (1850-1903)
the residence of J C A Bilske
Bilske, Ada Winsome  (1909-1996)
Osborn, Harold Bertram  (1906-1959)
Brandon, Ashford Samuel  (1888-1978)
Brandon, Charles Thomas  (1869-1946)
Brandon, Louisa Lily  (1884-1954)
Case, Alice Catherine  (1897-1957)
Case, Ellen Jane  (1889-1963)
Case, Felix  (1898-1978)
Case, Frances Lucy  (1899-1984)
Case, John Howard  (1903-1973)
Case, Mary Agnes  (1890-1968)
Case, Otto  (1902-1903)
Case, Ruth  (1901-1989)
Cunningham, Patrick  (about 1816-1889)
Goodenough, Melinda Elizabeth  (1892-1922)
Hitch, John Robert Murray  (1898-1972)
Holmes, Charles Percival  (1880-1949)
Mahoney, Alice Petronella  (1901-)
McEvoy, Amelia Agnes  (1892-1966)
McEvoy, Charles Joseph  (1900-1970)
McEvoy, Edwin Robert Joseph  (1889-1963)
McEvoy, Jessie Florence  (1887-1951)
Slee, Cecilia Harriett  (1898-)
Slee, Jessie Eda Mary  (1900-1912)
Coonatto Station
Starr, Jane  (between 1821 and 1823-1893)
Pine Creek
residence of the bride's mother
Cowan, Catherine Jane  (about 1850-1938)
Prior, Edward  (1850-1926)
Pine Forest
Staker, Eliza Maria  (1846-1926)
Pine Hut
Pinkerton Plains
St Benedict Church
Church of England
the residence of Mr Britten
Britten, Charles Richard  (1884-1976)
Miller, Jean Isobel  (about 1890-1979)
Pitchi Ritchi
Bradock, John James  (1879-1954)
Carr, Emily  (1894-1970)
Cock, Dudley Frank  (1924-1997)
Isbell, Olive Hilda  (1894-1968)
Maddeford, Glenville Walter  (1909-1999)
Masters, Cecil Hartley  (1909-1989)
McCloud, Clarence Norman  (1896-)
Picard, Charles Herbert  (1896-1958)
Ross, Errol  (about 1893-1964)
Schumacher, Elsa Amelia Anna  (1896-1984)
Turner, James Hilton  (1901-1968)
Ware, George Robert Lane  (1924-1991)
Rockville Estate
Truan, George  (1915-)
Plympton North
Plympton South
Steadman, Ella  (1906-1974)
Kennedy, Julia  (about 1835-1917)
Warren, Dulcie May  (1900-1985)
Plymton Park
Point Macleay
the Native Church
Coad, John  (about 1848-1907)
McBeath, Isabella  (1852-1891)
Point Pass
Lutheran Church
Point Pearce
the Schoolhouse, Point Pearce Mission Station
Hughes, Susie  (about 1869-1945)
Wanganeen, Robert  (about 1867-1952)
the residence of Gregory Hawson
the residence of William Phillips
May, James LLewellyn  (1884-1973)
Phillips, Frances May  (1887-1968)
Polda West
Brereton, Clyde Robert  (1913-1986)
McCormack, Michael  (about 1870-1931)
McEvoy, Charles Joseph  (1900-1970)
Miller, Murray James  (1917-1975)
O'Loughlin, Winnifred Ellen  (1932-1968)
Spurr, Sarah Jane  (1875-1959)
Starkey, Janet Elizabeth  (1897-1961)