South Australia
Mount Gambier
residence Glencoe
Jellett, Amelia  (about 1849-1907)
Salvation Army Hall
Barry, Harold Francis  (about 1897-about 1975)
Britten, Irene Maud  (1899-1993)
St Andrew Manse
St Andrews Manse
Blacksell, Victor John  (1893-1967)
Vickers, Alice Holly  (1891-1961)
St Paul
Duggan, James  (about 1852-1927)
Lock, Ellen  (1859-)
St Paul's Deanery
McGregor, George Nelson  (about 1914-1983)
Turnbull, Jessie May  (1917-2003)
the Lutheran Parsonage
Finch, Henry James  (1892-1972)
Robinson, Emma Louisa  (1884-1947)
the Methodist Parsonage
the residence of Daniel Potter
Potter, Agnes  (about 1859-1923)
Turnbull, James Donald  (about 1857-1891)
the residence of J Golley
Golley, Muriel Shelmoore  (1901-1956)
McGrath, James  (about 1892-1965)
the residence of Mr Lamond
Britten, Caroline  (1875-1970)
Golley, Joseph Flamank  (1881-1936)
the residence of Mrs Golley
Golley, Joseph John Flamank  (1903-1963)
Sanders, Gladys Euphemia  (about 1903-1985)
the residence of the groom
Valley Lake Cemetery
Weslyan Parsonage
Bennier, Alfred  (about 1850-1933)
Jellett, Amelia  (about 1849-1907)
Mount Hall
Mount Hope
Mount Hope Cemetery
Eden, Thomas Helstrip  (about 1911-2001)
Ness, Elizabeth  (1885-1971)
Winstanley, Ethel May  (1915-1984)
Winstanley, John Roddis  (1871-1949)
Woods, Gwendoline Rose  (about 1897-1988)
Soldiers' Memorial Hall
Eden, Thomas Helstrip  (about 1911-2001)
Winstanley, Ethel May  (1915-1984)
Mount Lofty
Castle, Sarah  (1870-1935)
Fleetwood, Edward Gwyn  (1899-1974)
Gilbert, Jane  (1848-1936)
Maguire, William Leslie  (1913-2006)
at his home, "St. Vigeans"
Congregational Manse
Kirchner, Mary Elizabeth  (1896-1965)
Murch, Arthur  (1873-1961)
Mount Lyndhurst Station
Kerrisk, Sarah Julia  (1893-1994)
Mount McIntyre
Mount Morgan, near Burra
Mount Osmond
Mount Osmond Country Club
Oxlade, Nancy  (1922-1978)
Mount Pleasant
Barrass, Elliott James  (1871-1921)
Broadribb, Hannah  (about 1838-1916)
Kain, Merian Margaret  (1927-1938)
McCallum, Crawford  (1912-1978)
Mitchell, Sylvia May  (1917-1984)
Nickels, Lorna May  (1882-1931)
Williams, Albert Edward  (1864-1867)
Williams, Arthur George  (1867-)
Williams, Elizabeth  (1863-)
Williams, Lydia  (1862-)
Williams, Mary  (1865-)
Windsor, Mary Isabell  (1859-)
Presbyterian Church
Mount Rat
St Raphaels Church
Mount Remarkable
Hobbs, William  (1864-1934)
Mount Remarkable Station
Mount Wedge
the residence of bride's father
Hood, Thomas  (1881-1956)
Phillips, Agnes Florence Annie  (1886-1974)
Mount Wedge Head Station
Mount Wedge, Hundred of Tinline
Miller, James Henry  (1886-1971)
Mulloorina Station
Bosworth, Charles Richard  (about 1842-1903)
Adams, Frederick Joseph  (1896-1978)
Foggo, Annie Mary  (1885-)
Haines, Arthur Avis  (1895-1963)
Haines, Arthur George  (1882-1889)
Haines, Cecilia Hannah  (1886-1953)
Haines, Ethel Ruby  (1896-1962)
Haines, Feodore Victoria  (1887-1958)
Haines, Florence Elizabeth  (1880-1945)
Haines, George Lionel  (1888-1891)
Haines, Herbert John Hanlan  (1891-1934)
Haines, Howard Frederick  (1894-1894)
Haines, James  (1851-1927)
Haines, James Stanley  (1890-1890)
Haines, Mabel Jane  (about 1884-1946)
Haines, Mark Spencer Flower  (1886-1959)
Haines, Mary Edith  (1879-1970)
Haines, Matilda Alice  (1890-about 1968)
Holmes, William James  (1909-1952)
Moore, Robert  (about 1856-1897)
Shearer, Ada Tregea  (1914-)
Shearer, Albert John  (1908-)
Shearer, Clifford George Tregea  (1905-1991)
Shearer, Edward James  (1911-1983)
Shearer, Ella Doreen  (1904-)
Shearer, George Pottinger  (1906-2002)
Shearer, Gwendoline Bessie  (1901-1975)
Shearer, Margaret Louisa  (1910-2005)
Shearer, Martha Tregea Elsie  (1881-1911)
Shearer, Miriam  (1900-1973)
Shearer, Violet  (1902-1902)
Shearer, Wilfred Harry  (1909-1995)
Shearer, William Pottinger  (1842-1903)
Shearer, William Ralph  (1903-)
Starr, Laura Bridget  (about 1877-1952)
Starrs, Agnes  (after 1865-)
Starrs, Cecelia  (after 1865-)
Tregea, Martha  (1847-1911)