South Australia
Port Pirie
Port Pirie Cemetery, plot 16, Protestant Reserve 1
Wilson, Lavee  (1920-about 1983)
Port Pirie Cemetery, plot 161
Couzner, Roy Oswald  (about 1912-1966)
Port Pirie Cemetery, Plot 289
Couzner, Florence Annie  (about 1885-1961)
Port Pirie Cemetery, plot T/9,
Oxlade, Henry Wilfred  (1921-2001)
Port Pirie Cemetery, Protestant Reserve 1, plot 16
Port Pirie Cemetery, Protestant Reserve B, Plot 11
Port Pirie Cemetery, War Graves section
Alchin, Ronald Albert  (1915-1992)
Port Pirie Hospital
Ebert, Antonie Emilie Ida  (about 1874-)
Kerntke, Heinrich Ferdinand  (about 1869-1909)
Talbot, Ronald Clive  (1935-2013)
Port Pirie Maternity Hospital
Barrett, Maggie  (about 1889-)
Evans, Charles Albert  (1891-1951)
Keane, Margaret Alice  (1890-1972)
Rau, Bruce William James  (about 1890-1960)
Railway Terrace
Case, Anthony Patrick  (about 1961-1967)
res of Mrs McCauley
Lehman, Eleanora Sephara  (1886-1914)
Stuckey, David  (1875-1959)
St Joseph's Nursing Home
St Mark Presbytery
Bowden, Ida Jane  (1884-1951)
Quinn, James Francis  (1874-1968)
St Mark's Catholic Church
Brown, Roy  (1889-1956)
Cross, Frederick  (1888-1950)
Farrell, Kathleen  (about 1895-)
Featherston, Margaret  (1889-1971)
Fitzgerald, Katherine Margaret  (1890-1917)
Kayser, Lorentz  (1886-1963)
Murphy, Catherine  (about 1885-)
Zubrinich, John William  (1885-1953)
St Marks Catholic Church
Fairlie, Audrey Annie  (1913-1988)
Mesecke, Harold Leo  (1912-1984)
St Marks Church
Casey, Ellen Catherine  (about 1899-1962)
Symes, Frederick Joseph  (1891-1962)
St Paul's Church
the Catholic Presbytery
Evans, Norman Alfred  (1912-1972)
Mitchell, Sylvia May  (1917-1984)
Newman, Margaret Elston  (1922-1992)
Shepley, Allan Jack  (1918-2007)
the Hospital
the Methodist Manse
Baker, Caroline  (about 1867-1937)
Goodwin, Arthur  (about 1885-)
Hards, William  (1868-1936)
Miller, Frederick  (about 1888-)
Pedlar, Ivy Myrtle  (about 1890-)
Williams, Daisy Gladys  (1895-1971)
Williams, Henry William Charles  (1887-1966)
Williams, Sissie Minnie Maria  (1890-)
the Port Pirie Hospital
Evans, George Henry  (1856-1947)
Starkey, Dudley Lloyd  (1921-1989)
the Registry Office
the res. of A. H. Williams
the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Murphy)
Quinn, Mary Jane  (1865-1948)
the residence of William McCauley
the residence of William Woods
the War Graves section, Port Pirie Cemetery
Shepley, Frank Giles  (1913-1996)
Port Pirie East
Port Pirie Estate
Hards, William  (1868-1936)
Port Pirie Extension
the res. of Mrs. Foster
Port Pirie South
Port Pirie West
Baldwin, George Henry  (1917-)
Benn, Leonard Thomas  (1923-1992)
Coulter, Sydney Harold  (1917-2002)
Couzner, Freda Ellen  (1913-1984)
Cross, Margaret Mary  (1913-1975)
Felici, John Rex  (1927-1978)
Garnaut, William Henry  (about 1879-1943)
Gillies, Thomas William Donald  (1917-1995)
Gooley, Timothy Sydney  (1915-1979)
Haines, Allan Hilton  (1910-1913)
Haines, Herbert Henry  (1919-2008)
Hardacre, William  (about 1892-1946)
O'Callaghan, Dawn Lorraine  (1928-2000)
Sloan, Eileen Elsie  (1921-1995)
Sloan, George  (1872-1947)
Tobin, George Wesley  (1917-1977)
Wyld, Pearl  (1919-1919)
the res of Charles Scarman