South Australia
32 Victoria Street
Cornock, Thomas William  (1862-1905)
Geard, Amy  (1864-1925)
Angus Street
Baptist Church
Errey, Eva Ruby  (1913-1987)
Maguire, William Leslie  (1913-2006)
BC Church
Curnow, John  (about 1859-1934)
Gould, Mary Isabella  (1859-1920)
Catholic Presbytery
Goodwood Road
Choat, Fanny  (1858-1936)
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Conway, Dorothy May  (1901-1952)
Rayner, Edward John  (1899-1959)
Holy Cross Catholic Church Sacristy
Adams, Mary Christina  (1875-1955)
Kemp, Richard  (about 1873-1942)
Holy Cross Church
Methodist Church
Arnold, Victor Langley  (1899-1939)
Bigg, John Theodore  (1890-1945)
Harrop, Hazel Violet  (1901-1976)
Judd, Raymond Stoxley  (about 1907-1989)
Langley, Daisy Agnes  (about 1902-)
Wiltshire, Mary Gertrude  (1893-1982)
Methodist Manse
Methodist Parsonage
Mitchell Street
Hillegeist, Hannah (Johanne)  (about 1850-1919)
Winstanley, Allan Lewis  (1913-1996)
Musgrave Street
Evans, Elizabeth Ann  (about 1822-1885)
Presbyterian Manse
Haines, Harriet Emma  (1897-1984)
Pringle, William Roy  (1894-1974)
residence of Mr. Leak
Hall, Alice  (1866-1943)
Tomsen, Martin  (about 1895-)
Salvation Army Hall
St Georges Church
the Presbyterian Manse
the residence of Alexander Brechin
Moyle, Ernest Albert  (1876-1947)
Page, Ada Victoria  (1879-1926)
the residence of F. Leak
Errey, Frederick Edward  (about 1881-1948)
Moody, Alice Eva  (1889-1942)
the residence of William Davidson
Goodwood Park
Methodist Manse
Crawforth, Ivy May  (1889-1940)
Haines, James Martin  (1884-1950)
Goodwood West
Adolfsson, Victor August  (1915-2007)
Dutton, Elizabeth  (1875-1962)
Dutton, Ethel Mary  (1867-1927)
Edmonds, William Bennett  (1817-1870)
Kroemer, Keith George  (1923-2013)
Maddeford, Ethel Mary  (1908-2001)
Overall, Beryl Annie Marie  (1917-1993)
Perry, Maria Rebecca  (1865-1955)
Perry, Roland James  (1867-1932)
Randall, William Dean  (1927-1999)
Tuckey, Elizabeth  (1878-1969)
Goolwa Nursing Home
Prior, Ethel May  (1882-1946)
Gould's Creek
Gould, Ann  (1861-1861)
Gould, Mary Isabella  (1859-1920)
res of the bride's brother
Gould, George  (1819-1902)
Williams, Isabella  (about 1838-1908)
Gouldss Creek
Rice, Louisa  (1894-)
Grace Plains
Cock, Ray Jackson  (1922-2006)
Doherty, William Keith  (1921-1983)
Fairlie, Alexander Roy  (1908-1990)
Keily, Carole  (about 1939-1990)
Staker, William Jackson  (1922-1990)
Tilliduff, Ruby Constance  (1892-1983)
Veale, Hilda Maud  (1907-1993)
High Street
McCullough, Enid  (about 1891-1917)
McKee, Hurtle John  (1888-)
Taylor, Gertrude Mary  (1883-1970)
Westminister Village Aged Care Facility
Wheaton, Gavin Lisle  (1925-2009)
Green Plains
Ayles, Arthur Walter  (1874-1957)
Farmer, Alice Lydia  (1870-1959)
Harrop, George  (1870-)
Harrop, Henry  (1874-1874)
Harrop, James  (1872-1874)
Murch, Mary Jane  (1867-1891)
Green Plains East
Ayles, Emily Esther  (1877-1931)
Ayles, Gesina Lavinia Betsy  (1883-1929)
Ayles, Matilda Maria  (1880-1970)
Harrop, Eveline  (1883-1969)
Harrop, Florence  (1881-)
Harrop, Harriet  (1878-1956)
Harrop, James  (1884-1968)