The following pages include some of the histories of Daryl and Barbara Edmonds' ancestral families including Edmonds, Talbot, Haines, North, Cook, Oxlade, Case, Ellis and many other related families. Like any healthy, growing tree there are new branches emerging all the time and, occasionally, an old branch will die out and drop from the tree. There are people with connections to more than 50 countries represented through these pages, all bringing with them their own cultural lores, mores and faiths to add to the diversity of life in this great land of ours.


      While the index on the left includes everyone on this site, rather than delve into several thousand names, many that probably don't interest you, there are sub-sites for the main branches of our tree and you can go to each one by selecting one of the following family names:

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The image below contains twelve of the sixteen great-grandparents of Daryl and Barbara. If you put your mouse over each person you will see their name; or click on a face it will take you to their individual page.

John Hinton Edmonds Mary Louisa Edmonds (nee Puplett) George Haines Johanna Miriam Haines (nee Bawden) George North (Tramountanas) Lydia North (nee Vosper) Henry James Cook Josephine Frances Cook (nee Cummings) Henry Talbot Susannah Talbot (nee Hobbs) Arthur Phillip Case Olive Ruby May Case (nee Ellis)
The two couples missing from the above image are Benjamin Ellis and Elizabeth Jane Ellis (nee Veal); and Henry Robert Thomas George Oxlade and Edith Mary Jane Oxlade (nee Clarke). If anyone has a photo of any of those people, and would like to share a copy of same, please contact me by clicking on the compiler's name below.