South Australia
Adelaide (cont.)
Yeates, Ellen  (1882-1917)
Yeates, Frank Valentine  (1887-1963)
Young, Albert Frederick  (1896-1981)
Young, Lynette Dawn  (1954-2008)
Zanker, Ernest Clive  (1916-2012)
103 Flinders Street
Pryor, Elizabeth Jane  (1857-1920)
12 George Street
Dodsworth, Mabel Alice  (about 1882-1936)
160 Hindley Street
26 Halifax Street
Tate, Margaret  (1838-1919)
6 Bowden Lane, off Gilles street
82 Halifax Street
Power, Annie Bridget  (about 1866-1951)
Adelaide Children's Hospital
Adelaide Courts
Oxlade, Hector  (about 1822-1902)
Adelaide District
Baldock, Thomas  (1853-1925)
Excell, Ben  (1848-1934)
Hunter, Charlotte  (1855-1945)
Adelaide Gaol
Adelaide Hospital
Gray, Cordelia Florence Emily  (1911-1941)
Gray, Eric Westfield  (1908-1938)
Gray, Frederick George  (about 1874-1948)
Gray, Ronald George  (1905-1927)
Mitchell, Samuel Fred  (1885-1965)
Noble, Clara Alice Rose  (1882-1919)
Siviour, David  (1888-1936)
Siviour, Phyllis  (1901-1954)
Spears, Maxwell James  (1914-1949)
Walker, Sophia Louisa  (about 1886-1951)
Adelaide Police Court
Haines, Matthew Mark  (1893-1964)
Adelaide School of Mines
Adelaide University, North Terrace
Jaffrey, John Maxwell  (1928-1998)
Alva House
Fairlie, Agnes  (1861-1951)
Gibson, John  (about 1857-1923)
Austral Nursing Home
Ayrshire Cottage, Halifax Street
B.C. Church, Franklin Street
Baptist Church Vestry, Flinders Street
Collins, Ruby Maude  (about 1909-1978)
Sloan, Leslie George  (1908-)
Baptist Church, Flinders Street
Curnow, Eva Evelyn  (1894-1935)
Errey, Alice May  (about 1909-1998)
Everett, William Wolfe Boby  (1845-1924)
Forbes, Hugh  (about 1880-1935)
Haines, John Alexander  (1917-1992)
Hannam, Thelma Lillian  (1907-2004)
James, Ruth Helena  (1907-1980)
Lord, James Sarre  (1900-1989)
Turley, Colin Mervyn  (about 1908-1983)
Ward, Lucy Harriet  (1851-1946)
BC Church, Franklin Street
Bullock, George Allen  (about 1863-1927)
Daniel, Ellen Taylor  (1872-1954)
Catholic Church
Case, Emanuel  (1815-1898)
Starr, Jane  (between 1821 and 1823-1893)
Central Mission Sisters Home
Deacon, Harry  (1884-1973)
Gray, Mary Elsie May  (1886-1936)
Chalmers Church
Chalmers Manse
Haines, Herbert John Hanlan  (1891-1934)
Morgan, Martha  (about 1894-1941)
Chapel, Freeman Street
Shepley, Abel  (1834-1925)
Terry, Esther  (1837-1877)
Chapel, Gawler Place
Fry, Ann  (about 1832-)
Jenkins, William  (about 1821-)
Christian Chapel, Grote Street
Church of Christ
Brown, Gladys Mary  (1899-)
Fuller, Laura May  (1890-1967)
Hawthorne, William George  (1904-)
Jackson, Edna Phyllis  (1902-1982)
Jackson, Hilda Olive  (1894-1982)
Jones, Florina Doris  (about 1912-)
McDonald, Cyril John  (about 1907-1979)
Parrington, Henry Mark Leslie  (1886-1964)
Turner, James Hilton  (1901-1968)
Wiese, William John  (1877-1956)
Church of Christ Chapel
Cock, Frank  (1899-1971)
Jackson, Dorothea Etheldred  (1899-1979)
Miller, Harold Donald  (1890-1937)
Page, Oriel Edith  (1896-1957)
Congregational Chapel
Everett, Charles  (1815-1892)
Gamble, Henrietta  (about 1822-1903)
Congress Hall
Anderson, Florence Helen  (about 1906-1926)
Gray, Abel William Roy  (1903-1976)
Currie Street
Parker, Elizabeth  (1842-1876)
Deaf and Dumb Church, 262 South Terrace
Draper Memorial Parsonage
Fullarton Estate
Makins, Allen Maxwell  (1919-2003)
Fullarton Road
Godfrey, Janet  (1861-)
Gilles Street
Government House
Grote Street Church of Christ