South Australia
Chuch of the Good Shepherd
Drayton Street
Fairlie, Stella Maud  (1892-1958)
Port Road
Clarke, James Thomas  (about 1846-1885)
the residence of John Parsons
Lines, Alfred George  (about 1857-1914)
Sparks, Susan Amy  (1867-)
the residence of Richard Freer
Clarke, Alice May  (1918-1990)
Clarke, Dorothy Margaret  (1918-2001)
North, George  (about 1822-1911)
Bramfield Cemetery
Cummings, Donald Maurice  (about 1930-1930)
Cummings, Elizabeth  (about 1931-1932)
Cummings, Eric Leon  (about 1929-1929)
Hurrell, Arthur Henry  (1887-1975)
Roberts, Sarah Louisa  (1890-1967)
Tree, William Charles Cullege  (1914-1994)
Evangelical Lutheran Chapel
Broad, Mary Teresa  (1869-about 1953)
Kuchenmeister, Gustave Christof  (about 1871-1944)
Bright Lands
Evans, Harriet Elizabeth  (1855-1856)
Finey, Colin Clarrie  (1926-2013)
Jones, Albert Fairchild  (about 1863-1937)
Layton, Nora  (about 1905-1962)
McCloud, Ethel Clifton  (1886-1968)
McEvoy, Gertrude Mary  (1923-2006)
McPherson, Kenneth Peter  (1911-1999)
Perry, Agnes  (1865-1933)
Pyle, Alice Maud  (1876-1962)
Ragless, Effie May  (1878-1944)
Renfrey, Sylvia Annie Iona  (1885-1967)
Reynolds, Thomas Samuel Franklin  (1871-1942)
Rynne, Bernard John  (1919-1984)
Stone, Mary Ann  (1867-1868)
Tank, Norman Atkinson  (1897-1971)
Wiltshire, Alfred Theodore  (1880-1965)
Wiltshire, Joseph Lewis  (1890-1968)
Bawden, May  (1883-1969)
Murch, Gordon Arthur John  (1922-1942)
Sincock, Beatrice Hannah  (1889-1966)
Methodist Church
Meyhodist Church
North Brighton Cemetery
Ragless, Effie May  (1878-1944)
South Australian Institution for the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb
St Jude's Church of England Cemetery
Banks, Hilda Mary  (1898-1953)
Haines, James Millard Bruce  (1928-2008)
Haines, Matthew Mark  (1893-1964)
Perry, Vera Grace  (1898-1975)
Tank, Norman Atkinson  (1897-1971)
St Judes Church
Badenoch, Connie Doreen  (1897-1978)
Dick, Archie  (1890-1950)
Heading, Reginald John  (1908-2001)
Kroemer, Doris Annie  (1911-1987)
the residence of M Bayley
Bayley, Claire  (about 1913-2000)
Harrop, Clifford George  (1909-1996)
Brinkworth Cemetery
Case, Arthur Phillip  (1871-1949)
Broken Hill
Broken Hill Cemetery