The Marion was a ship of 904 tons, sailing from London, via Plymouth, on 27th October 1848 under Captain McKerlie. She arrived at Port Adelaide on 10th February 1849.

The passenger list included (from our tree) John Harvey Perry , his wife Priscilla (nee Browett) and their son Thomas Alfred. An unamed son was born at sea on 31st Jan, but died before reaching land.

Two years later, on the 29th July 1851, the Marion, around 10pm and in a light fog, struck the rocks on Troubridge Shoal , near Edithburgh (almost within sight of it's destination), with 350 emigrants from England on board. Although the ship was wrecked all passengers and crew made it safely to shore. The only death was when a dray taking some of the survivors to Adelaide tipped over, killing one Ann Johnson, a young mother with a babe in arms (who survived).