The Navarino was a 479 ton barque-rigged ship which sailed from Southampton on the 4th May 1854, under Captain T. Storey, with 233 immigrants on board. 4 deaths and 4 births occurred on the voyage to South Australia; they arrived in Port Adelaide on 14th August 1854, after one hundred and four days at sea.

Those in our family tree who were on board for this journey were Hannah (nee Talbot), her husband Thomas Carter and their son Alfred , aged 1; Hannah’s sister Margaret Talbot, age 16; William Hobbs (twin brother of Emily Hunter nee Hobbs, who emigrated 3 years earlier, on the "Omega"), and his wife Mary Ann (nee Dance), William's sister Mary Ann and her husband Thomas Fuller, daughter Ellen, age 2, and their infant daughter Jane (who died at sea on July 13th).